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Students heading to the academic blocks on the campus
Students walking towards the academic blocks for their classes

Most times, the question “why study in METU NCC?” begs to be asked. In most cases, students who have just graduated from high school and are searching for good institutions ask this question. Other times, people get the realization that they are already studying in METU and want to re-evaluate the university to confirm that their choice of university was the best one. Well, I asked myself this same question when I graduated from high school and was looking for a reputable University. Indeed, I’m glad to have had METU come through for me. As a matter of fact, we would see shortly the answer to the question: “why study in METU NCC?”

Firstly, METU is different! I know, when talking about universities, this might sound a tad cliché. But, the fact is, there are just a few schools like METU. I see METU as a phenomenon, going beyond only the regular do’s of any university. Mostly, people want to go to a university to have a chance of being employed after graduation, which is normal. Other schools offer this chance, but METU is different because it produces students with the pounding interest and craving desire for whatever course they take.

Thus, the answer to this question is that you love what you study!

How does METU NCC make you love what you study?

A student contributing in one of the Calculus class study sessions aided by the Professor.

I cannot particularly answer this question without talking about my fresher-year in this school. My first semester was indeed terrible, as I found all courses extremely difficult. I FAILED! In fact, there were times I resolved with myself that METU NCC is not for me because of the monotony of merely getting a certificate. Shocking, right? Guess who now sees METU, NCC, as a phenomenon. (haha)

I faced a number of struggles trying to attain success. And, at a point in time, I had to re-evaluate whether METU NCC was the place for me. This led me to note why I was finding everything difficult. As mentioned in the second paragraph, my educational background always had one focus—getting me to an employable stage. Therefore, it molded me into gaining knowledge to move to the next level only, rather than getting the education for its relevance. And this is what most students face. Now, you cannot desire to gain knowledge because of its usefulness without falling in love with it.

A message to students who ask the question depicted in the topic of this blog

Firstly, we establish who needs this message. And next, the message…

Two categories of people need this message. The first category is the freshmen, and the second category consists of students, once like me, that think METU NCC is not for them.

Often, some students begin to think that they don’t belong here because of how hard it gets. Just like me once, this is because they haven’t yet re-evaluated precisely. Since some of us have, I could use this medium to save you the stress by telling you what the problem is: not letting go of the old instructional model of education. Because METU has an educational pattern anchored on getting students to love what they study, there’s the need to forego the old instructional model that is solely focused on gaining knowledge just sufficient for the next stage. As students who want to make a difference, we should appreciate the knowledge METU NCC gives us for its relevance. That way, we love every single aspect of it.

Needless to say, you cannot love what stands as a prerequisite for getting you to another step without actually getting to the next stage. So, this is more inclusive and beneficial to all students.

For those who think they can go through METU, NCC, without letting go of the old educational pattern, you stand the risk of replicating my early misfortune, as it pertains to grades. Eventually, a self-doubt situation creeps in. Nobody wants that!


Wrapping up, I discussed that METU NCC is different, in that its educational pattern uniquely gears students toward loving what they study. I also saved you the stress of discovering for yourself why some students face academic challenges in METU NCC, providing a clear remedy. This uniqueness provides us with the edge METU NCC has over other educational institutions, and ultimately answers the question: “why study in METU NCC?”.

As always, METU NCC will always have the best answers to this question. But additionally, if you’re looking to find more information on METU NCC, check out some of these articles.

For those who have also found more answers to this question in their years of experience, feel free to share it with us in the comment section.

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