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METU NCC Standards of Education



Have you ever wondered what it is like to be in one of the best universities in Turkey?

While the fact that students don’t usually acknowledge the best in their schools is usually a common attitude, the distinguishing feature of METU NCC is its commitment to high standards of education. Let’s take a look at this for a moment.

METU NCC's Standards of Education

Standards as a Major Backbone of Education in METU

The concept of education, besides being very dynamic in both curricular and extracurricular activities, anchors on standards. The next question that comes up in ones mind is, “what should be the standard in education?”

It is helpful to point out that this question is initially very confusing for most students, including myself. Regardless, it is no surprise that we still ask these questions. It’s no shame that we all had a time in our lives where we didn’t want to go to school; as a result, we magnify numerous, less ambiguous reasons to justify our persistent opposition towards going to school. This perceived ambiguity usually comes from the tediousness in the school’s education system; the same tediousness is the major reason why students relent in acknowledging the profound capacity of their schools.

Studying at METU, Cyprus

Hard Work That Justifies METU’s Education

Coming back, talking from a student’s experience, METU NCC is one of those schools students see as overbearing because of its education standards. However, an instituion shouldn’t be discredited for making students work hard, because isn’t that why we all go to university in the first place? To become more disciplined and hardworking?

It is, in fact, true that METU NCC is relatively a strict school; and yes, others say it’s overbearing, but the big question is, does it go away from our previous definition of educational standards? METU NCC offers students with all things necessary to secure a viable future, which naturally comes at a price, hard work. This shouldn’t be a problem as we all know have learned the famous saying, “nothing good comes easy.”

METU, Cyprus' Education

All in all, it is important as a student or as anyone to know that the definition of educational standards doesn’t always have to fit into our definition of standards. It’s left to us to be able to fit into the non-wavering, ever-binding definition of educational standards. This is one key definition METU, Cyprus holds onto firmly. The University has created the perfect environment for future leaders to emerge, upon paying the price of unwavering hard work. This is the reason why very few schools are compared to METU’s standards of education; it is also the reason why METU NCC is one of the best schools with regards to education. And most importantly, this is the reason why METU NCC’s standards of education are recognized globally.

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