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Where is METU NCC: A Brief History of Cyprus



Birds-Eye view of the campus
The METU Northern Cyprus Campus is well in Cyprus. But how much do you know about Cyprus itself?

This blog is a message to friends and family who have asked me where in the world I was studying. And, though this question might seem an easy query for Google, this blog is going to give you a little more than just coordinates and a location. So, “Where is METU NCC?”. This blog is the detailed answer I always fail to give when asked that very question. I’ll go over some easy to find information and then I’ll share some “insider” information about the history of the island and some of the cities on it.

Kalkanlı, Guzelyurt District, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is the official address of METU NCC. Google provides this exact information when the question above is typed in it. This address is like a code through the past and present of this area, people, and culture.


To begin with, Cyprus is an island located about 80 km south of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel, north of Egypt, and east of Greece. Cyprus’s unique location makes it difficult to decide on which continent it belongs. As part of the Mediterranean islands, it is claimed to be in Europe, but being closer to Asian countries, Cyprus is insisted to be in Asia. This indecisiveness is one of the parts in which even Google cannot help.

Cyprus is the third largest Mediterranean island with an area of 9,251 km². Cyprus island has a population of around 1.2 million. Greek and Turkish are the two main languages spoken on the island. Each of these languages has its unique regional dialects. English is also a commonly used language, especially among the younger generation. Now let’s get into the history. 

Brief History of Cyprus

Cypriot culture is among the oldest in the Mediterranean. Messinian Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Roman empire, Arab Caliphate, French, Venetians, Ottomans, and the British have inhabited Cyprus.

Since 1974, Cyprus has been divided. The division breaks Cyprus into three parts: the Republic of Cyprus, two-thirds of the island in the south, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, one-third in the north, and a buffer zone by UN peacekeeping forces between them. Both these countries have secular governments. Travel between the two parts requires a visa.

Map of Cyprus

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

METU NCC (locally known as ODTÜ) is located in Northern Cyprus. The politics between the two sides is confusing, but you can always find an enthusiastic local to fill you in on it if you are interested.

Turkish is the official language of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). The Cypriot dialect of Turkish is spoken faster than Turkey’s Turkish. Cypriot Turkish also has a few different grammatical rules, so communication between Cypriots and Turkish will move between English and Turkish.

Güzelyurt District

Güzelyurt district is located on the west side of the country, next to the Kyrenia mountain range. It is famous for its citrus trees, strawberry fields, and agricultural area. METU NCC has beautiful views of these agricultural lands as can be seen below.

A picture of the view that students have of Güzelyurt from the campus.
Beautiful view from METU NCC

Güzelyurt City (Morphou)

Furthermore, Güzelyurt city is the closest city to METU NCC. It is a market town and the capital of the Güzelyurt district. Güzelyurt means “beautiful place,” which is accurate as it is an ideal picnic spot, away from the tourist crowds. It is a piece of untouched Cyprus preserved in time.

When it comes to seasons, spring is the unanimous favorite. The local residents along with the university students enjoy the annual spring festival, strawberry picking, orange festival, and cultural and art festival.


Kalkanlı is a small village located next to METU NCC. It is a hangout place for students.

Important cities in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus


Firstly, Ercan city has the only airport present in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Girne (Kyrenia)

Secondly, Girne is a port city and has the historical Girne castle.

A picture from one of the high points on the island of Cyprus in Girne.
Aerial view of the Girne city


Third, Lefke has many tourist sites. It is also close to a historic city called Silli.

Lefkoşa (Nicosia)

And finally, Lefkosa is a divided capital in the world, one of a kind in the world. This city is the capital for both TRNC and the Republic of Cyprus.

I hope this was helpful. And additionally, please feel free to leave a comment with any questions you might have as well. If you’re looking to read more about METU NCC please feel free to check out our array of articles on different topics here.


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