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What to Achieve as a METUan



Graduates of the class 2019 posing for a picture
A typical achievement is always graduating and getting to wear these wonderful red, white, and, black gowns

Many of us enter campus hopeful, excited, and anxious about what may come and what we may achieve. For most, it’s the first step to an independent life-style; one in which they take action without the consent of their parents. With the vast prospects and responsibilities that the students have, what can we expect from each other? And what are we really capable of achieving as METUans?


Although many may sneer at first at the thought of this to be an achievement, it is actually a very valuable and important skill to develop. Many people may come from poor families, isolated areas, or have moved from school to school often. Hence, they find a hard time to develop adequate social skills for them to adapt and conform to a new reality: a far more forgiving environment with less unnecessary hardships.


It gives people a new page, separate of their past actions and beliefs. And even if you had a relatively good experience before college life, this is still a very important aspect for you to view the adverse methods of living. METU NCC embraces diversity and holds many events for all types of cultures. A great example of this can be seen in the following blog from my fellow blogger.


People’s interests are subjective. We can’t force people down the same belief system as ours. However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t many people that have similar values to ours. This is how societies form, with each one upholding a certain standard or objective as their identity.

A beautiful example of this is demonstrated by the ‘Society of Women Engineers’. For more information about this, please visit my friend’s informative blog in regards to the topic at hand.

Now, whether you agree with the opinion of that group or not is, of course, up to you. What you must perhaps acknowledge is that these people are trying to achieve something together. And perhaps this is what my dear friend had explained so wonderfully.

Taking a Lead

A great chance for you to learn how to become a better person is by helping others, whether that may be by being an SI-PASS leader, a blogger, or a teaching assistant. Taking roles in which you are the one that is obliged to give information in a comprehensible manner, places you on a pedestal in which you must be highly aware of the people’s method of thought. For if they are not familiar with what you try present to them, they ought to find it difficult to understand. It also forces you to stay up to date and in constant contact with what you know. For example, taking a course in C programming may help you know the basics. But teaching it keeps your brain in constant motion, as you have to always try to inform students in the most efficient manner.

“Well, they always told me: anything you want to do, do your best and be the best at it”- Sonny Liston

Creating Compromise

When you come to campus, you will inevitably come across a few disagreements amongst your peers. Such a thing should not be frowned upon, as it shows: diverse methods analysing the world and a chance to notice where you may be lacking. Many of us have fallacies that we don’t take notice and are not aware of the numerous fallacies we may hold. Sometimes, the best way to approach such fallacies is to listen and understand what others believe in. You create compromise, become sceptic, and analyse what you deem worthy. Only then will you grow to understand and become far less self-centred.

You will at some point, if not already, empathize with other people’s hardships to create a connection and further influence them into helping you. If we are capable of putting aside any dogmas and personal disputes between us, we will most definitely achieve a far better chance of finding success and happiness. Even if we fail in a certain project or assignment that we’ve worked immensely for, there is always something to learn.


The professors on this campus are absolutely outstanding. Most of them have a long list of researches and projects under their name and achieve things that we can only dream of. Although they are busy enough as it is teaching and researching, they still hear out their students and give the opportunity to let their imagination roam freely.

The videos below clearly orchestrate the tenacity, passion, and achievements that these professors posses. This is truly essential, for it provides many prospects and dreams for the students at the campus.

Why Bother?

Completing researches as an undergraduate may be difficult. After all, we still want to hang out with friends and have fun in our free time. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a bit of time to relieve ourselves? However, the reward is, indeed, very high. Although the increased job opportunities and the chance to transfer to ivy league universities are very good perks to have, the experience is perhaps the most important thing here.

The reason is fairly easy to explain; when you do research as an undergraduate, you still have much to learn. With that in mind, how do you expect to develop something if you have no clue how to work on it? Why of course, through sheer determination and hard work, you can learn all of what you may need to know. Of course, many of us will be lost at first; thus, creating a strong feeling of despair. But perhaps that is why we shouldn’t hesitate to appoint meetings with our instructor and constantly inquire: not afraid of presenting our curiosity fully. They will always welcome you and assist you whenever need be for you to achieve your goals.


When you first enter the campus, you will most likely feel a weird combination of awe and fear. We all have our reasons for pursuing education. But are we really going to be able to manage ourselves here? Can we really hold up to our parent’s high expectations? What of our own expectations? Do we really have the strength to achieve what we desire?

Taking Responsibility

As you grow up in campus, you will realize it really isn’t that bad to take responsibility. It doesn’t really take much to make your own food, manage your time, spend your time wisely, and create relationships with people of similar interests. As long as you are consistently self-aware of your opportunities and surroundings, it shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

Overcoming Our Problems

But some of us may go through some issues, whether they may be personal, academic, financial, etc. This forces us to adapt and find ways to overcome such nuisances. And if we can’t overcome them, we learn from our mistakes and move on. Sometimes, we need to experience the first few steps of taking initiative and facing the consequences. Other times, we learn from the experience of others. This creates a bond that will not only help you grow, but teach you to envelope sympathy and compassion for those who are willing to help you. You learn to love, trust, and care for others.

Gaining New Hobbies

With all the time in the world in our hands, we get interested in doing things that may seem intrinsic to us. Many will start playing sports and compete with other universities. Many will want to become public speakers and volunteers for change in the TED X society, or the Community Volunteer Society. Others will go to the gym and try to gain the physique they’ve always wished for. Some hope to become the next Bobby Fischer, making rivals in the chess society. Many of the university’s societies and clubs support such activities. This can be through activities, trips, and so on. The main idea is that you mustn’t be so engrossed in studies as to forget all the other viable pleasures in life, as there is so much to achieve.

Academic Interests

We all expect ourselves to constantly learn new things in our classes. The courses we have, whether they are departmental or not, all give us the basic insight required for us to properly learn a subject. Learning the basics of circuit theory may open your eyes as to how circuits actually work. And once you grasp that information, you’ll be able to build upon it in future courses, create new analogies, and realize how little we know in reality. With so much to find and explore, it becomes almost unbearable to just sit around and not understand ‘how’ or ‘why’ something occurs in nature. For many, this is their inspiration to achieve and discover. It is only with these abstractions that we are capable of evolving our society and further easing whatever difficulties we may have, whether that may be in medicine, water distillation, energy conservation, etc.


It really is a gift to be in METU NCC. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination, as we may set afoot in paths we never knew existed. To indulge oneself in the mysteries of life, explore who we are and, see what we are capable of should be enough for us to love how far we’ve reached. The welcoming of the diversity of all types prevents any and all types of discrimination. And unlike other campuses, it’s small size makes its residents tighter, similar to a family. When undergraduate students travel, they find a sense of attachment and familiarity to the place for these very reasons. In the end, all that is expected of you is to enjoy the ride and see what life may give.

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