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The Social Clubs at METU NCC – Impacts on Student Life



Remember when you were a carefree twelve-year-old kid who only thought about having fun as a life’s norm? Remember that feeling of genuine freedom following that you were literally almost void of responsibilities?

A kid with such responsibility-deficiency mostly thinks of gathering around people for the same cause of fun. Well, I never thought I would feel that same way as a grown-up with a substantial amount of responsibilities. For the most part, I never did until I came to METU. Besides, I didn’t, even for a second, think that METU took social clubs very seriously because of its academic prestige. Seeing METU’S attitude towards social activities, my wrong concept of “sociality” dawned on me immediately. Following this realization, it was limpid enough that academic success isn’t independent of sociality. Besides that, the obvious contributor to METU’S prestige – SOCIALITY, also became unhidden.

The Feeling Beholding The Numerous Clubs at METU Upon Arrival

Judging from my experience upon my first arrival, we, the students, had a general gathering of introduction. Amongst many introductions, the introduction to the numerous social clubs was the most awe-inspiring. These social clubs were of so many ranges which include music, dance, theater arts, scientific clubs, and many others.

Because of the particularity of these clubs, there were clubs that narrowed down to the tiniest detail, making it almost impossible not to find a club of interest. That said, beholding those numerous clubs gave rise to an oxymoronic feeling. This was because, as an introvert, I knew that joining a club would unleash the little social part of me which I considered to be good. On the other hand, I didn’t want to devote myself to it because of my introversion.

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As at then, my most pressing need was to be at the same pace as METU’S great standards. My mistake was, I thought I could achieve that using my methods (absconding from social activities) and not METU’S. A pressing question could be, “what’s wrong with using your methods to achieve success?” Now, in response, there’s absolutely nothing wrong! The only issue is, success is a very broad concept bearing great ramifications which must be discovered over time. As a new student, you barely have that time or ability to discover those ramifications. METU guides you in making the right decisions in achieving success. Up till this moment, I never had any regrets concurring to the logistics put in place by METU to foster my desired pace of standards.

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How Social Clubs Affect Academic Performance

A big question is, “what does academic performance have to do with social clubs?” Well, that’s very simple! Ali, et al (2013) answer in their case study titled “Factors Contributing to the Students Academic Performance…”. As stated, “Socio-economic status is one of the main elements studied while predicting academic performance”. There’s no need to say much here; I am living experience of the manifestation of this finding. This quote only restates that when there is a need to enhance yourself academically, success in academic performance isn’t independent of social interactions fostered by social clubs and vice versa. It shows the great link social clubs in METU have with success in academic performance, hence keeping up with the pace of standards.

Wrapping up, it may sometimes feel paradoxical to say that being in a social club promotes better academic performance. METU Northern Cyprus Campus has a reputation for prestige. This concept, by an investigation, has been well-known to pay off in great dimensions over the years. That’s why there are constantly enacted measures to provide a somewhat vast variety of social club options to reduce the likelihood of not finding any club of interest. Judging by testimonies, most students love and embrace their respective clubs and this is how social clubs impact on the student-life in METU Northern Cyprus Campus.

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