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The Orientation Program at METU NCC



Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus campus welcomes all the new students by preparing a week-long orientation program.

What is the Orientation program?

METU, NCC knows that most of here students are coming from different countries and coping with the change.

For this reason, the University organizes a program for all new students allowing them to get familiar with the new life in the university, and even to the island. The program includes tours and lots of fun events.

The new students are shown the important places around campus and are given seminars that introduce the life of the campus and the various departments. There are also small trips around Northern Cyprus.

And, yes, don’t worry, you will not be left all alone during the orientation. Each group of students is greeted and guide with an orientation leader.

Who are the orientation leaders?

The orientation leaders are senior METU students who are familiar with the University and the Island. Each orientation leader is assigned to a group of new students, and they will share their experiences with them.

The orientation leaders are trained beforehand and well-rehearsed with the orientation program and what needs to be done. They will also help you with your registration and teach you how to add courses for the semester.

The orientation program at METU, NCC is a great icebreaking time. It helps you familiarize yourself with the campus, meet new people, make great friends, and get yourself adjusted to the life that awaits you at METU, Cyprus!

Banner for the Orientation Program at Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus.

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