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The METU Bulls – The American Football Team in METU NCC



Some of the members of the American Football Team at METU
The METU Bulls in their vibrant red and white kits that they wear for matches.

Yes, the Middle East Technical University in North Cyprus has an American football team, i.e., METU BULLS. Trust me; you do not want to mess with the Bulls. Designated and selected from the strongest, bravest, fastest, and the most skillful students, the METU Bulls is one of the best sports teams in METU NCC.

The METU Bulls logo
The METU Bulls Logo

The METU Bulls.

Being in a school team sounds cool. But you know what sounds cooler, being in the METU BULLS team. As the sport’s name implies, ‘American football,’ not many people would expect to see such an active sport in North Cyprus to that wise. In the same way, I was thrilled when I saw this. The Middle East Technical University is diverse in every area, indeed. Education, learning, and even sports, METU NCC leaves no stone unturned. There are various sports activities to pick from in METU NCC. Check this page out for more information. Among these various sports activities is American football. If you are enthusiastic about the game of American Football and looking forward to a possible career in the sport, joining a team is a good start. That is where the METU Bulls come in place.

A football used in the sport of American Football.
The design of the ball used in American Football

Some Fun facts about METU Bulls

Let me start by saying that “METU Bulls is fun.” Starting from the usual practice and training until we go out for competitions, each moment in the herd is remarkable. 

  • Members of METU Bulls are one big family. We love and care for each other as a family. It is common.
  • There is a METU Bulls clothing brand. It is uncommon to see fellow students on-campus putting on hoodies, caps, jackets, and T-shirts with the METU Bulls logo. It is a pleasant sight to behold, as it also portrays the elegance of our team. You can easily purchase or request one as a member of the team. 
  • Dinners, camps, and Night outs are also very usual among members of the METU Bulls. You can find us hanging out and eating together most times. Consequently, these activities often increase team spirit and sportsmanship on and off the field.
  • If you are bored on a Monday night, you can show up and watch us practice. I promise it will make your day. For a fact, It is the most entertaining practice you would even witness in METU NCC. Meanwhile, you can also watch our competitive games. You can watch us battle against other university teams such as EMU Crows and support your lovely University. Please take a moment to show up. You won’t regret it.
  • You should know that members of the team often receive discounts on food items in cafeterias on and off-campus including Segafredo Zanetti and Hele Hele. 
The METU Bulls enjoying a meal at a restaurant together.
Hangout with teammates

How can I join the herd?

Believe it or not, unlike other teams, joining this team is very easy and straightforward. The METU Bulls scout and select students at the beginning of the academic year. Besides, becoming a member is completely free. You do not need to have full pieces of equipment nor make any training videos to join us. All that is required is to indicate your interest in joining the team during the selection period. Having done that, you also need to show up for the tryouts.

A picture of a training session being carried out by the METU Bulls

Future members get selected for their strength, sportsmanship, team spirit, and interest in American Football. However, note that you can also join as a learner. At the same time, it is also possible to join the METU Bulls subsequently. You can get drafted mid-semester. You can see the coach and indicate your interest in the school team. If you are good to go after the tryouts, he will notify you and welcome you to the Team in METU Bulls style. More information on our coach is present below.

The METU Bulls dressed up in their kits.
The dream team

Few things to note

There are still a few essential things that students should note;

  • Your age, weight or height is not essential. Equally, you do not need to have lots of experience in the game before joining our team. If you join us without having any knowledge, you will undergo a learning process.
  • It is unadvisable to join if you are facing any health challenges. Do not compromise the state of your health for a training session. You can drop out of any training session if you feel any pains or if your body hurts.
  • The team will provide equipment. Always use your kits when needed.
One of the posters used during tryout season.
You can be one on us.

See the Coach

Eray Bozoğlu is the coach of the METU Bulls. You can consult and contact the coach at any time. Moreover, he is very experienced in the game of American Football and sports in general. You can reach Eray on Facebook and Instagram.

On the other hand, more enthusiastic fellows would like to know the Chief Quarterback for our team. Can Tokel, the quarterback for the METU Bulls, has led the team to many victories as a Quarterback. He is the chief Quarterback for the METU Bulls. You can reach him on Instagram as well.

On the whole, the METU Bulls is unarguably one of the best in North Cyprus at large. Our bravery, charisma, team spirit, and eagerness to be victorious in every battle define us. Hence, we win by our coordination, strength, and intellect, which is why we are among the best. We are METU Bulls. Remember, “If you mess with the Bulls, you get the horns.”

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