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The Importance of University Education



A METUan seated in the library with a stack of books.

The importance of university education has changed over time thanks to multiple breakthroughs and innovative developments in technology. And to that end, I would like to argue that university education has become a must no matter where you belong and what you are planning on doing in your life. There is so much pressure on students these days to get a university education but not enough stress on the importance of getting said education. Most of the students usually do not even realize what they are doing. They follow the instructions given by parents, relatives, and friends religiously until they stop receiving these and no longer know what to do and find themselves lost in this world or doing something they do not like. 

In this day and era, university education makes you think and be different from a robot. It is there to teach about the combination of hard work and using your surrounding to your advantage. University is a place to gather people with similar goals. It is also a transition from pampered life to becoming a functioning figure in society.

Students revising together in preparation for a midterm.

University education is more than a piece of paper with one’s GPA on it. 

However, universities have gained a commercial touch making them more expensive than they should be. And, society has made it a necessity; this lethal combination has undermined its essential pillars. The pillars concentrated on making it a center for teaching and learning things that are not possible in everyday life. Now, it has been transformed into a rat race; everyone is trying to be the best based on a scale that does not entirely show one’s learning. Rather concentrated on memory and familiarization of problems and their solutions. Good teachers realize this and apply unorthodox methods in their classes.

A picture of a lecture being held at METU NCC

METU’s Stance

METU is trying to combat the rat-race mentality by concentrating more on providing hands-on experience through adding laboratory parts to courses. METU also does not insulate the semester into exam and teaching times; instead, it lets them overlap throughout the semester. This is similar to life as every event in life is not isolated, and individuals need to prioritize tasks all the time. METU also has different marking criteria for each course. For example, a course grade may depend on attendance, while another course has no marks for attendance and has short quizzes.

Maintenance of scholarship is easier at METU than at most other universities. This provides the students with a breathing space where they can concentrate more on learning, rather than putting all their efforts into trying to achieve a certain grade.

To help with shifting to work-life, METU stresses getting at least two internships. It ensures this with the help of courses in which students hand in reports recapping their time at the internship. This again adds to the importance of university education. Getting this experience before graduation can put you leagues ahead of any other applicant.

A picture of students grouped together during a lab session. One big importance of university education is learning to work in a team

Seminars are held daily, introducing new ideas, people from different fields and backgrounds. This leads to meeting a wide range of people and learning things that would not have been possible otherwise. METU gives an opportunity to both scholastic and street-smart individuals. It provides enough resources that anyone curious enough could find their way.

To gain more knowledge specific to METU NCC and its location, check this link. And, for more general information as regards to student life and the likes, feel free to check out our homepage.

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