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The GPC 100 Course, What is it?



The GPC 100 Course

Many new students ask about GPC 100 course. What is it? Why is it a must course? What’s the benefit? We all asked those questions, and trust me when I say that’s it’s not a useless course.

What is the GPC 100 Course?

It’s a must course for first-year students to help them be socially and academically successful in their new chapter of life at Middle East Technical University. 

What is the benefit of it?

The purpose of the course is to:

  • Introduce you to the University and your department.
  • Familiarize yourself with the facilities and the environment. 
  • Improve your lifestyle choices as a student.
  • Help you understand the culture and traditions of METU and Northern Cyprus. 

And, of course, make friends and have a great time while you are here!

How is the course structured?

The course will take two hours of your time weakly and will consist of informative seminars, fun activities, and small group discussions and interactions.

Who are your guides?

The GPC 100 is unique because you don’t have professors teaching it. Instead, experienced students from third or fourth-year students who are taking the ‘Developing Skills for Peer Guidance’ (GPC 310 ) course will be your guides. This is great because they are students and they understand your struggles and needs better than anyone else. And, of course, they are students just like you, so no pressure.

You will typically have a single guide throughout the course, but others come in from time to time. 

Is there a possibility of failing the course?

Simple and straightforward answer: yes!

You have to attend all the sessions to pass (yikes!). However, being a student, you are bound to miss one. No worries. If you have missed a session or two, you can attend make-up activities (e.g., discussions, movie nights, etc. ) to set the record straight.

You will get emails throughout the semester informing you of upcoming make-up activities that will count towards your attendance. 

Note: You can miss only two sessions throughout the semester, so don’t rely too much on those activities. 

Does the course have credits?

GPC 100 has one credit. So, jump out of your comfort zone, actively participate in those fantastic activities, and you are bound to get a high grade. Good luck and welcome to METU NCC!

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