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The Covid Precautions, Are They Sufficient?



Covid precautions on campus

A short flashback to the campus before COVID 19

Let’s take a step back before the epidemic. In other words, flashbacks to the days before the measurements. The campus was full of life. In other words, no force could stop the students from living their life to the fullest. There were myriad of events where we would gather in crowds: METU Got Talents, Horror Night, etc. Most importantly, we would all head to the academic buildings to find the treasure, the knowledge we seek.

(Academic Buildings)

METUan’s attitude towards the epidemic and the measures being taken

As METUans, we have learned that our attitude towards life is what defines us. Consequently, despite the regulations that the administration has implemented, we will manage to pass through this challenging period maturely.

I would like to emphasize that the executive board is continuously renewing the regulations depending on the current situation. Consequently, the regulations that I will state are prone to change.  Let me start with the most effective measure that is concerning the entry and departure from the campus. The security won’t let dorm-residing students leave the campus, and students residing outside to enter the campus. This regulation is especially crucial because there were cases in neighboring Lefke and Lapta regions. Moreover, the security and the dorm manager are taking attendance at specified times. If the students are not present, the security will not be letting them enter the dorms again.  Places like the library, which allow people to gather in crowds, are not open. The sports center, which used to be a place for us to release our energy, is also closed.


It is undeniable that, above all these regulations, the university, including all of its personnel, are supporting us. They regularly ask for our feedback and try to respond accordingly.  For example, they contacted Lemar’s management and asked them to give a discount to students in response to our feedback. Furthermore, our professors sent sweets to our lobby, having hopeful messages on them. The parental care we receive from our professors further encourages us to take the necessary precautions.

(Hopeful messages from the instructors)

Were the measurements taken sufficient?

It is undeniable that no matter how severe the measurements may appear, the administration took them by taking our health primarily into consideration. Taking all the necessary measures ensures that the campus stays a safe place for the residing professors and students. In addition to our physical well-being, our psychological health is also highly significant. For example, the Student Development and Counseling Center is conducting an online support group. This support group majorly focuses on possible problems experienced in this period and how to increase students’ psychological well-being.

To sum up, based on the measurements, we can pass through this stage with ease and well-being. I would be more than happy to hear about your concerns or recommendation about the measurements in the comment section.

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