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Student Assistantships at METU, NCC



If you are a student who likes to work and can do so while studying or if you need a job, METU, NCC provides student assistantships opportunities for undergrad students throughout the year.

There are also teaching assistantships and research assistantships for masters’ students which you can read about HERE.

What are student assistantships?

METU, NCC provides student assistantships to students who are interested as a means to help support them in their studies. These opportunities range from working in the library, labs, IT, sports centers, dormitories, and other various departments on campus.

What I will be doing as a student assistant at METU, NCC?

Student assistants help around in their respective areas and departments. Assistants at the library help sort out the books and assist students with locating the ones they need. Other students assistants help their instructors at the labs and the dorm managers in the dorms.

How do I get an assistantship?

In order to be accepted for these positions, various things are considered. Of course, proven academic success matters a lot. Additionally, financial conditions and disciplinary suitability i.e. a clean disciplinary record, are also taken into consideration.

When can I apply for it?

Every semester the Registrar’s office sends out an email with the application for students assistantships. Students can fill out the application and state their preference for work e.g. library, student affairs, institutional relations, etc. You will be contacted by the university in case you are accepted for a position.

How much will I be paid for the assistantship?

The amount normally varies each semester but student assistants are paid an hourly wage with a maximum allowance of 30 hours per month.

I definitely suggest that you apply for these assistantships at METU, NCC, because apart from the wages, the experience is invaluable and will be a great addition to your CV.

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