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Sports and Recreation at METU, NCC



Outdoor running track, basketball courts, volleyball, and fitness center at METU, NCC

Mostly when we hear the word “sports”, we think of … Nothing in general, actually. SHOCKING? No, it’s not. Although the dictionary gives a general definition, we tend to be very specific in its outlook. The dictionary defines sports as activities that use physical exertion competitively under a set of rules, void of aesthetics. As much as we agree with this definition, a specific kind encroaches our minds when we hear the word. Also, you will agree that it’s the kind we love and engage in that our mind quickly refers to. But then, have you ever wondered why this is so; why we think of soccer, cricket, handball, just the specific ones we love, and not sports in general?

Well, it may sound weird at first, but sports is about love. How so, you might ask? Think for a second… when we were kids, indulging in sports was one thing our parents didn’t have to force us to do.

The natural instinct for children is to engage in anything they find fun, regardless of the aftermath. No one, by free will, will do something, even as a child, neglecting repercussions, if not for the love for it. Growing up, we still do things out of our free will because of the love we have for it. In most cases, it’s sports.

How does all of this matter to METU, NCC?

Of course, we already established the importance of sports and how much it matters to most people. Basically, all that matters to students, matters to METU. Since sports and recreational activities matter so much to the students, we would expect that METU, NCC takes them pretty seriously. And, that is certainly the case.

Sports and Recreational Opportunities

Indeed, students need to play and engage in recreational activities to succeed in their academics. The ability of students to synchronize their academic endeavours with necessary recreational activities is important. This forms how students respond to the hard work at school and how they manage all activities to maintain a healthy physical and mental balance. All the necessary things are available at METU, NCC to help facilitate the physical and mental needs of students. These include the soccer pitch, the swimming pool, the basketball court, the volleyball court, the long tennis court, and so many others.

METU Cyprus’ Sports Teams and their Involvements

METU also has its school teams for various sports that have gone and succeeded in many regional and inter-university competitions. Some of these tournaments include the Sections Basketball Tournament, the Rustu Supreme Basketball Tournament, and the university’s football tournament. Sports in METU portend a great deal of involvement by students. They give room for the agglomeration of people for a common cause. The teams continue to accept new students interested in being a part of them with minimum performance criteria.

In conclusion, sports and physical activities play a significant role in the life of every single person. Its need is a call that can’t be left unanswered and all students need it to maintain a healthy life balance! METU, NCC has done a great job of meeting the needs of students in all areas. This is not the first, and because the human needs are insatiable, this definitely won’t be the last.

METU, NCC also hosts several great events each year, like the METU Got Talent and the African Night, which you can read about as well on our blog!

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