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Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) at METU NCC



The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), Student Chapter METU NCC

Also known as SPE, the Society of Petroleum Engineers is an international educational organization for aspiring and accomplished petroleum and natural gas engineers, with an official chapter at METU, Cyprus as well.

Why is SPE an Important Society?

SPE is the largest individual member community of petroleum engineers. It helps and supports engineers and scientists all around the world in the oil and gas industry.

Why is it Called the SPE Chapter?

Student chapters for societies like SPE are located in different places and institutions worldwide. These chapters organize local events and also help their participants partake in the larger, global ones.

Activities of the SPE Society at METU, NCC

SPE, METU, NCC Chapter conducts a number of activities throughout the academic year. For example, it organizes some training courses for important tools and skills, like MATLAB, presentation skills, conducting research, etc.

Students of METU, NCC secured first position at the student paper contest organized by the SPE.

In addition, the Society has even organized a number of fun activities, like the triathlon, which is a competition between teams at the University, which includes rapid rounds of swimming, running, and cycling.

Moreover, as an opportunity for students to network with their peers, the Society also hosts the Black and Gold Gala, which is a party where people dress in black and gold clothing, and have fun and lively conversations around food and drinks.

These are just examples of the events the Society at METU, NCC continues to organize on campus.

Who can Join the SPE Society?

The Society welcomes all students to join, however, there are certain opportunities that are limited to petroleum engineers.

Members of the SPE Society

What are the SPE Scholarships?

The Society offers scholarships to students as well. These scholarships are for both undergraduate and graduate students pursuing degrees related to the oil and gas industry. You just need to follow the opportunities and apply through their website here.

METU, NCC as an instituion continues to provide its students with opportunities for academic growth and excellence, such as partnering with societies like the SPE. These initiatives bring about insightful opportunities for student and allow them to grow academically and intellectually.

Still, there are many, many societies at METU, NCC to cater for students with diverse hobbies and interests. Want to know why you should join these societies? Read this great blog from one of our students here!

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