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Safety First-An Abiding Principle in METU NCC



Student dressed in proper lab attire to ensure safety while performing lab experiment.
A student handling chemicals during a lab session with all the necessary safety gear. Always adhere to lab instructions while in the labs.

In the past, as a child, my parents would always say to me, “stop playing rough.” Indeed, I am not the only student who heard this comment as a child. While some would say they were just so overprotective, I believe they wanted their children to be safe. Several teenagers around the globe leave their homes and travel thousands of miles for the sake of education. The big question is, “How can parents and guardians ensure the safety of their wards in a foreign land?” The Middle East Technical University, North Cyprus Campus, offers as much safety as any parent has to offer. Safety First is an abiding principle in METU NCC.

Why always “Safety First”? Why not second?

You only have one life to live. Indeed, you want to make the best out of it. Neglecting safety can shorten your chances of fulfilling your career as a student. METU NCC wants the best for all students and therefore, safety is a priority.

Safety in METU NCC Dormitories.

All Dormitories on campus have versatile safety protocols. There are security officers from Özel Güvenlik. These security officers ensure the well-being of students in Dormitories. Moreover, METU NCC dormitories have surveillance cameras in some essential areas. You will not need to worry about missing properties in the dorms.
Additionally, METU NCC is more than prepared to face any unfortunate hazard whatsoever. It is very usual to find fire extinguishers and hose at all corners of the dormitories. With this many protocols, METU NCC can ensure the well-being of every student living in the dormitory. You can gather more information on METU NCC dormitories by clicking this link.

Safety during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Due to the global pandemic, the university introduced extra safety and health measures. With the recent online education development, students reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19. Social distancing is compulsory in all stores and markets in METU NCC. The use of face masks became mandatory in METU NCC, likewise the use of hand sanitizers. METU NCC provided effective hand sanitizers at the entrances to all buildings on campus. Consequently, it is no surprise that with all of these safety precautions put in place, no METU NCC student contracted the global pandemic. To know more about our campus during the COVID-19 lockdowns, visit this page.

Safety in METU NCC Laboratories.

METU NCC is a technologically inclined institution; therefore, you will come across several laboratories works as a student. The University provides as much protection as possible for each student. However, it is the responsibility of a student to adhere to the given instructions and work safely at all times. Always remember to use your safety equipment in the laboratory at all times. The laboratory rules and regulations are all given here.

Safety on our Campus Roads.

METU NCC has a wide range of road connections leading to various parts of campus. Equally, before online Education, thousands of students troop in for classes daily. As a result, METU NCC has implemented safe Traffic Regulation methods on campus. There are allotted parking spaces for drivers and pedestrian paths for students walking. In addition to this, steady power ensures the brightness of campus roads at night.

METU NCC Medico.

METU NCC Medico is the University’s clinic. This Medico is available for all students of METU NCC. This facility boasts of modern equipment and professional medical practitioners in their respective fields. METU NCC Medico always prepares for the worst-case scenario. As a student, you need to be aware of the location of METU NCC Medico. You can always lend a helping hand in assisting someone to the Medico. Note that if the student’s ailment is above the Medico’s capacity, a possible transfer to other significant Hospitals in Cyprus is assured. Also, be familiar with the Medico Telephone Viber “1920”.

Useful safety tips in METU NCC.

There is a famous saying, “You don’t need to know the whole alphabet of Safety. The A, B, C of it will save you if you follow it: Always Be Careful”. In particular, the little safety tips you heed to in METU NCC will be beneficial. Below are some handy safety tips for applying on campus.

  • Always follow the safety instructions from the instructor during lab hours. Report every problem to the lab instructor.
  • Before working out in the gym, it is always advisable to consult the gym instructors and body trainers.
  • In case of a fire, do not panic. Exit the building as quickly as possible.
  • It’s a university campus. Don’t Overspeed.
  • Always watch out for one another. In times of emergency, don’t ever try to be the Hero at the expense of your own life.
  • Do not tolerate any form of Sexual Harassment. Report it quickly. Do you need more information concerning this? Click this link.
  • Always be acquainted with the Health and Safety telephone numbers in METU NCC.

You can gather more information regarding your Safety and Health in METU NCC by clicking here.

Some Remarkable Safety Records in METU NCC.

Bush Fire Incident: On May 17th, a massive Bush Fire that started around the Tepebaşı region met at our campus’s borders. The University began an evacuation of every student on campus. Students lodged in a dormitory provided by the school while the TRNC fire brigade tended to the fire. There were no casualties at all and minor impairment. And later, students returned back on campus.

COVID 19: The COVID-19 pandemic also affected Cyprus. The Government resulted in pausing education for a while and imposing a series of lockdowns on everyone. METU NCC played its part in keeping each student safe. No METU NCC student got affected by the Corona Virus. In TRNC at large, just a few hundred cases.

In general, METU NCC is a home away from home; hence, the University goes a long way in protecting its students. However, remember that Safety is a choice you make. Therefore, each student still has a role to play in maintaining their Safety. Safety is a No 1 priority in METU NCC. Our campus is a safe haven.

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