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Registration Tips in METU NCC



A student in their dorm room at their desk registering for courses.
Registration can be a very hard and also an easy task. But with these tips it can be made a little less strenuous.

At some point in time as a student, you may have encountered a situation that made you think, “If only I could have registered for this course.” Unfortunately, it is an issue faced by not just freshmen but even sophomores and Seniors. In the meantime, let me enlighten you on the word ‘registration’ from a METU NCC student’s point of view. Registration is selecting your courses for the semester. With that definition, you can tell that it takes place at the beginning of every semester. However, the registration process might not be very smooth for students at all times. You might face some common problems like a filled course capacity, restrictions, and more. Can you register your courses without these issues standing in the way? Of course, you can! Follow these easy tips to have a perfect registration process every semester at METU NCC.

A cutoff of the registration webpage where students are able to add courses.

Prepare your list of Courses and arrange your schedule before the day of Registration

It is always advisable to check your courses and prepare a list to be aware of the semester courses to register. Not all courses offered in the Fall semester get provided to students in the spring semester and vice versa. Knowing this, and applying a timely preparation, will save you a lot. Moreover, the school provided Course Advisors to each student to assist you with your choice of courses. You should make sure to contact them for assistance before the registration day.

Furthermore, it is necessary to arrange your course schedule before Registration. You need to know which section to pick for each course. The goal here is to organize your semester courses into different sections that avoid clashes that slow your registration process. You can do this by following this link.

Image of the CET timetable that can be used during registration of courses to plan out your schedule.
Sample course schedule

Start your Registration on time

As a METU NCC student, I have noticed that Registration always starts at 9 am. Wake up on time! Thousands of students are trying to register for their courses; hence, you might be fortunate if you start on time. The good thing about being early to register for your courses is that you can get the best out of the semester’s Registration. What do I mean? You can get the best course sections that have perfect timings and fits your daily life appropriately.

For instance, if you wake up late, even if your course sections do not clash, it can leave your schedule with lecture timing that keeps you in class every hour of the day. It would be best if you had started this process on time. 

Note: Sometimes, some students cannot register because of some delicate reasons like school fees payment and Library debt. You ought to settle this before the registration deadline.

Go for Elective courses first

Elective courses are offered every semester with a variety of choices. Before the Registration, pick one elective course that you want to take for the semester and pay attention to the requirements. On the day of Registration, register for that elective course first before others. There is always a competition for Elective courses, and many students rush for the best ones. You will do yourself a huge favor if you register for those courses first. The reason being that these courses are not ‘MUST’ courses, and they have little capacity. Some of these courses to watch out for are SPN, FRN, GRM, and more. The list of the non Technical Elective courses offered for the semester is available on METU CET.

However, please note that when looking at electives, ensure to cross check with your department curriculum. Electives usually are open for 3rd year students and above. And, in some rare cases, 2nd year students. So, as a first year, just hold on a bit longer before rushing for electives.

Be Active on Imece

As you might know already, Imece is the school’s Facebook group. It consists of students and staff interacting and sharing ideas. Being an active member of this group is very helpful. How? Some students might want to drop a course or exchange sections with someone else willing to do the same. For example, imagine I have Section 2 of PHY 106, and it is not convenient for my daily life. I want to change to Section 6, but the course capacity is already full. I can easily ask on Imece if anyone is willing to exchange sections with me or search for any posts concerning this. You can also get valid information concerning your Registration on Imece. To get a better understanding about Imece, read this blog that goes into details about the online forum connecting all of us.

Manual Registration is an option

You might have heard some students say that they had to register manually for the semester. What does this mean? The registration portal does not work if you haven’t paid your tuition fees for the semester. Some students pay, but the certain amount does not reflect on time because of international transfers. In such a case, your course instructors for the semester can add you manually to ODTUClass when you email them about it. This process is manual registration. You can resort to manual Registration to not miss out on all the MUST courses during Registration.
Let me also add that you can also email your professors, course instructors, and course advisors if you encounter any course capacity issues.

In conclusion, I have enlightened you on the essential tips to achieve a smooth registration process. Why exactly do you need to follow these tips? These tips will prevent you from having a heavily clustered schedule. Also, you will not lack any course as you will be able to register for all the MUST and Elective courses you need to take for the semester. And also on a closing note, remember to always crosscheck with your department curriculum to make an even more informed decision on course choice. Do not let your registration process get affected. There is a solution to every problem. These tips will help you every semester.

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