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Reaching METU, NCC from the Ercan Airport



Reaching METU, NCC!

“How will I reach METU, Northern Cyprus Campus from the Ercan Airport?”

This is a common question for all new students.

Well, I am glad to inform you that it’s easy to find cheap and comfortable (the taxi is not the only convenient option) transportation from Ercan Airport to METU, NCC.

However, the most common way to reach university from Ercan Airport, or any other place in North Cyprus for that matter, is to use Kibhas.

What is Kibhas? Is it safe?

Kibhas is a transportation company based in Northern Cyprus, which offers reliable transport at a reasonable price. It travels from Ercan Airport to almost every major city and university.

Using Kibhas to get to METU, NCC
Kibhas Bus Service

The booking office for Kibhas is at about a two-minutes walking distance from the Ercan Airport’s arrival gate. The bus service follows a schedule for each city and university. The price of a one-way ticket to the METU, NCC campus is 22.50 TL, approximately $6.00, and the trip usually takes 75 minutes. 

 Kibhas also operates from the campus to the Ercan Airport. There are several ways you can make a reservation. You can book a ticket online through their website, call them or visit their office at METU, NCC, which located in front of Deniz Plaza or the post office.

However, if you prefer to take a taxi, you will find lots of them parked outside the airport. Try to negotiate with the drivers, but keep in mind that the prices typically start at about 250 TL or $40.

For our new students, the administration will send some of the orientation leaders to Ercan Airport to greet and guide you. Be sure to schedule this when you enroll in the university. You should receive an email with an online pick-up form for this, so stay on the lookout for this. 

Finally, my advice would be that you try to come to METU, NCC, during the suggested dates. Being a new student can be daunting, and it’s always great to see a friendly face in an unfamiliar environment. 

Once you get to campus be sure to try out these things!

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1 Comment

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