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ODTÜ Merchandise



Students modelling the famed ODTU Merchandise in form of Tshirts
Students modelling some of the Tshirts and other ODTÜ Merchandise that is available.

One underrated thing is the feeling that comes with wearing a hoodie that comes from the best school in Turkey and amongst the best in the world. Apart from your school ID card, what is your proof that you school or schooled in ODTÜ? You do not only represent your school by winning awards and competitions. However, wearing a t-shirt that depicts the euphoria of ODTÜ makes an excellent impression. ODTÜ Merchandise is centered around representing the University in a magnificent way and providing some resources for students.

What are the ODTÜ logo products?

Hoodies and Sweatshirts: ODTÜ logo Hoodies are perhaps the most rated ODTÜ logo products. Different colors and styles make each hoodie look spectacular. ODTÜ logo sweatshirts also look very stylish and display the beauty of spring. 

T-shirts:  ODTÜ logo t-shirts are also very commonly used among students. For as low as TRY 29.99, you can get yourself a decent t-shirt.

Jackets, Raincoats, and Tracksuits: Winter feels warmer with these jackets and coats. You can select from a variety of these products for as low as TRY 119.99. 

Beverage group products: ODTÜ logo products also include various teacups, mugs, coffee cups, thermos, water bottles, and more. Prices of these items start from TRY 14.99. Therefore, it is most times easier to buy these items from campus.

Stationery: You name it pencils, pens, postcards, notebooks, calendars, highlighters, and more. 

Bags and Covers: Every kind of bag you can imagine a student will need is available with the ODTÜ logo. There are good-looking arm bags that suit your feminine style and even sports bags for athletic students. There are also leather bags, tote bags, laptop bags, waist bags, and more. 

Graduate Specials: This section includes everything needed by graduate students. These include medals, Cubes, Diplomas, and more.

Children Specials: Of course, we cannot leave children out of the picture. There are baby clothes, teddy bears, puzzles and other toys for Kids.

Accessories: All other products fall under this category. They include keychains, hats, snow globes, wallets, stickers, towels, umbrellas, scarfs, hand gloves, and more.

Where can I get ODTÜ logo products?

  1. Campus Store: The campus store in METU NCC is located right beside the Post office. It is always open on weekdays from 9:00 am-12:00noon and 1:00 pm-4:00 pm. A variety of products are up for sale in this store. However, you might not find everything you seek here. Everyday items like t-shirts, water bottles, mugs, and pens are available here. Therefore, if you desire more spectacular ODTÜ logo products, I suggest looking at the second option. 
  2. ODTÜDEN: ODTÜDEN, which translated to “From METU,” is an online store where you can easily purchase all ODTÜ logo products. You can search “”, or as well quickly click this link. After that, you will be able to see the variety of merchandise up for sale and their respective prices and sizes. You can pay using your bank card and ship the goods to your desired location. In that way, no restrictions apply to the Ankara campus, but METU NCC students can also purchase ODTÜ logo products from ODTÜDEN. You can find your item delivered at the post office on campus. A quick way to get familiar with the post office is by reading this blog. Additionally, you can buy textbooks for your course at the bookshelf section of ODTÜDEN. To achieve this, search for your faculty and related department, and you can see the available books for sale.


Without a doubt, one of the most outstanding features of a University is its merchandise. By producing ODTÜ logo products, the University considered many things. ODTÜ Merchandise is not for students alone. However, children and even non-METU students can use these products. Additionally, the ODTÜDEN website offers international shipping to other countries. In my opinion, it is a perfect strategy to expose ODTÜ to the world. If you haven’t tried out any ODTÜ Merchandise, what are you waiting for? Buy a t-shirt and rep ODTÜ today!

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