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The Musical Society – A Symphony of Talent



Music is a fundamental, all-encompassing phenomenon that plays an active role in our daily lives. The concept has swept across time and space, evolving and growing with age. METU NCC, aware of its importance for METUANS, takes it very seriously. The appreciation for music here is beyond imagination, and this has led to the development of one of the most amazing and vibrant clubs on campus: The METU NCC Musical Society.

Members of The Musical Society METU NCC singing.

What lies at the heart of The Musical Society?

Currently, The Musical Society is one of the most active societies in METU, and it has had a significant influence on students. It is an amalgamation of students from different races, talents, and ethnicities bound together with their love and appreciation for one thing, music.

Although the question, ‘What is music?’ might seem a tad bit cliche, it is important to grasp what it is beyond the common understanding that it is about singing and dancing to a beat. Music is so beautiful because it has the unique ability to connect with the sentiments of people individually and the emotions of communities at large. It synchronizes individuals and creates a sense of solidarity among the people producing it. This profoundness and versatility of music is what The Musical Society at METU NCC celebrates.

The nitty-gritty of The Musical Society

The shallow understanding of music clouds the message that it tries to communicate to its listeners. It is essential to establish that the general outlook of music by the members of the Society is more profound than that of others. This disparity arises by the difference in the exposure to music by the members and nonmembers of the Society. Hence, the primary goal of The Musical Society is to instill a sincere appreciation of music within METUANS so that they begin to enjoy it for what it truly incorporates.

A performance by The Musical Society

Activities of The Musical Society

The Musical Society organizes activities that include singing and the performing arts. With the use of voice, the body, and other inanimate objects, performers convey artistically the expressions that would not be as impactful if solely expressed through singing. The Society also hosts events that aim at getting participants to appreciate the intricacy of music. These events are always very exquisite, heart-touching, and just epic, leaving everyone euphoric. 

Aware of the full impact of music and the need for something fun that brings people together to cool off from the stressful academic life at METU, the Society also aims at increasing its regular members. That’s why every member of METU is always welcome to join and also explains why it’s one of the most active societies with a high participation rate.

Performing arts by The Musical Society at METU NCC

To sum up, The Musical Society at METU NCC cannot be fully appreciated for the positive contributions it makes to the lives of many METUANS every day.

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