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METU, NCC to Girne and back…



Becoming a METUAN doesn’t mean you just spend your year studying and working hard. You need to also take a break sometimes and go to the other cities in Northern Cyprus. If you like natural, historical and touristy spots, the best option for you is to go to Girne (Kyrenia).

How can I go to Girne from METU, NCC?

It is super convenient to get to Girne from the University. You can just book your bus ticket by phone.

The transportation company name is Çimen. You can book your ticket from there office at the bus terminal in Güzelyurt or simple reach them at: +90 392 714-6111

The Çimen bus will pick you from the bus stop on campus and the bus fare is usually 15 TL. The trip takes around 40-50 minutes.

What should I do in Girne?

Girne is full of beautiful sights to visit and cuisines to try. The most common place for a lot of students and tourists is the Girne Harbour, which is bustling with activity all day long.

The Girne Harbor
Girne Harbour

You will find many restaurants and cafes at the harbour, and can also visit the historic Kyrenia Castle there.

The Kyrenia Caste at Girne Harbor
Kyrenia Castle at Girne Harbor

If you like to go on a boat trip with your friends you can also find many companies that offer short cruises. You can find great packages by asking around and seeing what fits your budget.

You can also go to Babil Bahçeleri which is a natural and peaceful place for camping and picnicking. You can also have your breakfast there early in the morning.

I don’t suggest you buy any clothes there because it’s a tourist place which makes it more expensive compared to other places in Northern CYprus.

How do I come back to METU, Cyprus from Girne?

There are two ways for this. The first one is to book another bus ride by using this number: +90 392 815-3144, or to visit the bus office at the Girne city center.

I suggest you book a two-way ticket at least two hours in advance because the bus can be full especially on weekend.

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