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METU NCC Facebook Group: ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi



Expressing yourself at METU NCC has never been an issue, and the University is not just concerned with your academic performance. The social welfare of each student is also a priority at the Institution. METU NCC is quite a diverse institution; therefore, uniting students as one big family is a necessity. What better way to socially integrate students than creating a social media group platform? Boasting around 8000 members, ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi is METU NCC’s largest Facebook group.

ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi

Introduction to ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi

ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi is an online forum where Metuans can socially express themselves as well as help each other. In 2012, ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi came into existence on Facebook. Even today, it still serves as a forum where the voices of students get disseminated and heard. Having over 7500 members, ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi has made a positive impact on-campus. ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi is Turkish for ‘Middle East Technical University North Cyprus Campus Student Image’. Notwithstanding, ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi is popularly known as ‘Imece’ (pronounced Imeje) by many students on campus.

Becoming a Member of the Group

Becoming a member of Imece is quite easy. However, it is crucial to note that Imece is for Metuans alone. Students, lecturers, professors, and even graduates of METU are all members of the group. If you want to become a member, the following steps are required:

  • First, Search ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi on Facebook.
  • Secondly, Click the “Join group” button.
  • Thirdly, you have to complete the brief questionnaire displayed on the screen. The survey is available in Turkish and English languages so that international students can also fill it out with ease. This questionnaire also highlights the group’s rules and regulations. 
  • Finally, you have to send a photo of your student ID to the group administrator. Kadir Yıldırım is the Group Administrator responsible for identity clarification. Having sent a copy of your student ID card to him, you will become a member in no time.

These steps are quite comfortable and simplified. It takes at most 20 minutes to be a part of ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi. 

ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi Questionnaire

Rights as members of ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi

Being a member of ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi does not make you disprivileged. Each member of Imece, either student or staff, have equal rights. These prerogatives include;

  • Self Expression: As a member of Imece, you can express yourself on the Facebook group. It is the right of every student to complain and express their feelings about anything. It is without a doubt that some students find it difficult to express themselves in public. Some might be shy to complain about a problem they’re facing in their daily lives. However, Imece is a forum where timid voices speak louder. Feel free to express yourself on Imece.
  • Advertise: Do you want to sell an item? Do you want to make your business known on campus? You can do that on ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi. Every member of Imece has the right to advertise and sell any item on the group platform. On the contrary, it is advisable to take due permissions from the group administrator before advertising.
  • Ask: There is no shame in asking any question on Imece. As a member, you have the right to ask any question. You can also ask for help on Imece. 

Each member of Imece is entitled to these rights. As members, feel free to harness your entitlements to the benefits of all.

A Student Asking a Question in Imece METU NCC

Rules and Regulations of Imece

Although Imece is a free group with lots of student rights, some particular actions are prohibited. ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi has specific rules and regulations that guide our behaviors as students. These rules were put in place to ensure smooth operation. With over 7500 members, notwithstanding, these rules apply to both students and staff. The rules that govern conducts on Imece are as follows;

  • Trolling of any member of ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi is highly prohibited.
  • You cannot advertise a business without due permission. Any business advertisement of any kind on Imece must take place under the authorization of the group administrator.
  • If you want to sell something, you have to write the price on the post. You should not send a message separately to those who ask. Sometimes people who ask can give wrong information to others regarding an item. This rule aims at curbing such issues in Imece online trading.
  • It is prohibited to use fowl or mean words against other members of the group. You are allowed to post something meaningful and beneficial to you and other students.
  • Middle East Technical University has an outstanding reputation. It is wrong to throw shades on the University. Expressing dissatisfaction about a particular issue is perfectly normal. You can do this without criticizing the University and other educational bodies.

These rules are essential, notwithstanding, punishments will follow defaulters. It is your responsibility as a member to adhere and obey the Rules of ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi.

What can Imece do for you as a student?

All University students have something in common. We all want the best for ourselves. Imece doesn’t just offer you the best for yourself, but also give you more to benefit your peers. 

  • Did you know that Imece can help students secure jobs and internship spots?
  • Are you aware that on Imece, you can get cheaper deals on items sold by fellow students?
  • Did you know that you can get personal tutors and educational assistants on Imece?
  • Did you know that you can get important announcements and information regarding any situation? You can get information regarding flights, bus schedules, and even student-organized occasions. To be conversant with the bus shuttle system, you can click here.
  • Of course, you already know that you can advertise your business and sell your items on Imece.
Job inquiry on ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi
Selling items on ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi

All of these and even more are very beneficial to any university student. Seeing all Imece can do for you as a student, avoid reluctancy in clicking the “join group” button.

Summing Up…

To sum up, the students of METU NCC are one big family, and Imece is one of the bonds holding this family together. Imece is not just an online platform like any other, but it has a specific goal and purpose. Focusing strategically on the English translation of ODTÜ KKK Öğrenci İmecesi, we derive METU NCC Students Image. In other words, Imece is an online group that displays the magnificent image of METU students. Nevertheless, as a METU student, you can be part of this delightful image by clicking here.

A Group of Students at METU NCC

I look forward to productive interactions with you as fellow group members. Furthermore, do not hesitate to let us know in the comment section if you have any issues joining and how your experience is with Imece.

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