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METU NCC Campus – First Time Acquaintance



Go out and explore the campus!

Coming to METU, NCC marks the beginning of a whole new series of experiences. When I first received my acceptance letter from METU, I was excited and happy. I just couldn’t wait to arrive campus. But if you are anything like me, then I can tell that you will be anxious about being in a new place for the first time. That’s why I decided to write this guide to give you an idea of what life is like on METU, NCC campus.

So, when you reach campus, you will be assigned a leader who is a senior student. This leader is called an orientation leader, who is allocated to the orientation program. Their job is to make new students as familiar with the campus as possible. The aim of the orientation program is to make the transition to campus life smooth. They help you with accessing accommodation, course registration, and other familiarity-establishment activities like teaching you about the online system portal.

Meeting new people at METU, NCC campus

As you might expect, people on METU, NCC campus are very friendly; the community is very diverse. Surely, you will meet people from all nationalities and from various backgrounds. Here’s a piece of helpful advice: do not hesitate to approach anyone and starting a conversation. Everyone is receptive and loves to make new friends, especially during the first weeks.

Meet new people and make awesome friends at METU NCC.

There are, in fact, a couple of activities and events that are only available during the first weeks. These activities would give you an opportunity to meet and make new friends.

As a second-year student, I highly recommend that you use this chance to get to know who your batch mates are. No need to feel shy, everyone is nervous in the first days. Battle your worries and strike up a conversation and you will have friends in no time.

Having friends on this campus is important, as social life is 80% of your experience on campus. So make the most out of your experiences here 😀

Meeting your roommates!

Meeting your new family at METU NCC

After you arrive on campus, you’d need to locate your dormitory. This is one of the most interesting parts of the first weeks on campus because it’s the moment where you first encounter the person(s) you would be with for a very long time. Getting a very warm welcome from your roommate(s) is usually the order of new arrivals.

Now, you’d need to be open to mingle with your roommate(s) and form a family form of relationship because this will help you get through the fact that you won’t physically be with your actual family members for a long time. The healthy relationship with roommate(s) is the most beneficial because we would all need help in one way or another; in one situation or the other. Your roommate(s) is usually to give a helping hand in situations like this.

Adapting to Academic Work at METU, NCC Campus

Always show up for your lectures and labs!

As we know, the main purpose of coming to a university institution is to gain knowledge relevant to our field. Now, there are usually some challenges new students face that directly affect their academic performance. This directly relates to adaptation. Obviously, our regular routines would change, and other things also. This creates the need to adapt to the new system.

Well, as it relates to academics, a cumulative of deeds void of the right preparation could lead to a struggle with balancing daily activities with academic work. That’s why preparation is a very important factor to adapt academically as a new student. The struggle with changing your sleep schedule would arise. Not only that, locating classes for lectures could even be very annoying. Notwithstanding, proper planning and discipline would help just fine.

Easier Adaptiation

As you might have noticed, adapting is usually not easy to do alone. That’s why you need to surround yourself with friends who understand what being a “fresher” feels like (which is practically all students). True, there are still people who find making friends a difficult task. No need to worry, there are activities, societies and other establishments set by the school to bring about easier adaptation. To know more about these, check out this blog.

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