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METU NCC, an environmentally friendly campus



Photo of students and campus professors that participated in a tree planting project early 2020
A number of students with their societies and campus administration and professors who came together to participate in the Ağaç Tree Planting Festival on 21 February 2020

We have all learned about the importance of taking care of our environment and the negative outcomes that could arise if we ignore the well being of our home planet. METU NCC is aware of this and has set up many systems to implement their knowledge in creating an environmentally friendly campus.

Solar Energy

Some of the solar panels that help in powering the campus and help make it an environmentally friendly campus.
The solar park that can be found next to the KALTEV building

Firstly, METU NCC has its solar park within campus boundaries from where it produces 100% clean electricity. Other than that, there are solar panels on the sports center roof and a couple of other buildings as well. Motion detecting lights noticeably used within the dormitories and other areas help in preventing wastage of electricity throughout the campus.

Water Purification Plant

Secondly, used water is also purified before releasing it back into the environment. The water purification plant is located on the campus boundary’s outskirts and far away from any residences to not cause any odor and health problems.

Tree Plantation

It is METU’s tradition to plant trees annually. It is a fun activity in which students, along with teachers, plant trees. This tradition has been held every spring since the campus was made. And you can’t spell out environmentally friendly campus without having a tree initiative. 😉

Some students and professors taking part in the annual Tree planting activity that is a staple of the Campus's core principles that help them remain an environmentally friendly campus.
Students and professors helping out to plant some seedlings in one of the spaces on the campus


Furthermore, throughout the campus, you can find recycling dustbins designated to specific materials. Recycling projects, like the decorative wall in the library, can also be easily found. They act as reminders to students to be vigilant about how they dispose of waste.

Photo of the decorative wall that acts as a reminder to students that METU NCC endeavors to remain an environmentally friendly campus
An art piece made on the campus that features a collection of cans that was part of a recycling project. This art piece can be found in the library.

No Fossil Fuel Usage

Gas stoves are a big no. Aside from the environmental problems, gas stoves are very dangerous around university students, who are newly learning how to cook. So keeping these things in mind, METU NCC only depends on electric stoves. However, if you see a chimney on a building roof, do not be alarmed. The internal vent system releases water vapor through the chimneys.

Student Contributions

Finally, as METUans, we do not forget to play our part. I saw many students reusing plastic bags instead of getting new ones or carrying their groceries in cloth bags. There is also a stack of papers available in the library to be reused for notes. You could also find posters reminding everyone to be environmentally friendly. There are also many societies on campus coming up with new ideas to work towards helping the environment. For more details about these societies you can visit this link.

METUans can also work with conservative organizations such as Society for the Protection of Turtles (SPOT for short) where volunteers clean the beaches and help protect the sea turtle population of Cyprus. You can join them for a very unique experience. For more information, you can follow their Instagram page.

A picture of a sea turtle from the SPOT instagram page.
A baby sea turtle

Join us on our quest towards a greener future. There is still room for improvement, and who knows, you may be the next person with the best idea.

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