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ISA METU NCC: A Truly Multicultural Platform

What is ISA?

ISA METU NCC, abbreviated for International Student’s Association is a registered student club existing within the beautiful premises of METU NCC, a campus of Turkey’s most prestigious university providing high-quality education for multiple disciplines.

ISA’s Purpose?

This student body aims to serve as the organized student union for all the international students acquiring higher education on the campus. It serves as an effective bridge between the students and the campus administration and helps them channel their concerns for the management to continuously cater to their demands. This bestows the campus with a peaceful, beautiful academic and social culture so that the enrolled students get the best out of their college experience. After all, we are teenagers only once, right!

How is the club managed?

This amazing student body is comprised of 18 board members serving and Muhammad Arshad, an energetic youth from Pakistan currently serving as the President.  The club is operated through eight departments which Curators, Finance, Marketing, Logistics, International Affairs, Internal/External Affairs, and The Turkish Wing. Their club is brimming with diversity as people from various countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan, Turkey, The Gulf States, and many African countries as well. 

Their signature events include Spring Festival, Color Festival, African Night, Asian Night, Food Festival, Football Tournament, Charity Run and last but not the least… METU GOT TALENT! Yes, you heard it right! Keep on reading for more, O’ noble reader!

Wow! A Talent Show at METU NCC? Unbelievable!

In a nutshell, METU Got Talent is an event aimed to capture the multitude of extremely wide talent residing on the campus where students get a chance to showcase their abilities and talents in front of a panel of judges and an aroused audience eagerly cheering and clapping for their support.

The talents and aptitudes of the participating students can be relating to various forms of art and entertainment like musical composition, instruments, singing, dancing, magic tricks, sports and even cool things like rapping. Can you believe it?

So, Where Did It Happen?

So, the METU GOT TALENT 2020, took place on February 22, 2020, at the Rauf Denktas Hall. It was a Saturday which commenced with a heavy pluvial shower which continuously poured throughout the day with dark clouds hanging above. It cast a stupor of gloomy cold and chill everywhere. Boy oh boy, wasn’t it cold that day? I still haven’t washed my soggy socks from that day. Damn, I am unhygienic, people! Okay okay, I will do it this weekend. Promise.

Yet, this did not debilitate the diamond-hard spirits of the ISA team to let their guard down as they worked their butts… pardon my language, guts off to make this event as lively and smooth as possible starting from applications, auditions and helping the contestants prepare through rehearsals. They provided them with supplementary equipment and a place to practice. Not to mention, the excessive and time-demanding promotion and public relations activities.

So the event started at 19.00 and around 500-600 people culled up in the event hall which was brightly lit with ingenious lighting and sound systems. It was booming with upbeat music, reviving the gusto of the crowd to warm up and get ready for the next three hours that would shock them, make them cackle and jump and shriek in their seats with excitement.

The Judges!

1.Mr.Seyhan Ozmenek

2.Madam Zeynep Ayse Akgunay

3.Madam Seray Ekici

4.Madam Anzhelika Tulu

All the judges were excited as the audience itself to see the vast and hidden talents of the campus.

OMG! What happened? What did you miss?

So, the show started with the preliminary introductions of the hosts, judges and airing a short introduction video about the philosophy behind ISA. Both the hosts, one gentleman, and one lady, were all spruced up and dressed to kill with their professional attire and articulative demeanor.

They broke the ice quickly and had the crowd cracking up with their jokes ( okay, I admit, some were lame ) in no time. Regardless, they truly revved everybody in the crowd including me before the event even started.

And Then the Show Started…

So, I will mention the people who brought their best game to the stage:

Rapping by Chizu

Gangsta…Thug… Real Talk…Lit. These are the words that come to my mind for this performance. This is what I remember when I revisit the memory of Chizu bringing the house down and setting everything on fire. He rapped and hit everyone in the room with hard beats, rusty slang and bars of steel.

The element of surprise was that he scribbled the lyrics of his song “Flex Hard”. It is now available on iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and many others. The song was very uplifting, and the rhyming was extremely complex and witty which gave Joshua the upper edge.

His confidence was what rattled the audience. He decided to become the rule-breaker, the defiant one and departed from the stage mid-performance and interact with the crowd. He sprinted up and down the stairs, high-fiving, fist-bumping and staring savagely which spilling his superfluous bars.

The whole room was booming throughout and several minutes after the performance ended and it took quite a while to calm them down. They were just not ready to let Chizu out of their sight. His tempo, pace, and tone were never off beat throughout his entire performance. His breathing remained steady all the way. A word of caution: think at least one thousand times before rap battling with this young artist, hah!

Desi Dance by Mohammad Arshad

Well, you know that it is a special day when the President himself steps down in baggy pajamas, donning a non-ironed T-shirt to strut, leap, frolic and shimmy shimmy. He totally let the boogie down on the stage to vent out his frustration which is completely understandable. Hats off to Mohammad Arshad who stunned every soul in the hall by giving a fantastic show.

 FYI: “Desi” is a term coined by the Asian cultures of Pakistan and India to boast about the exclusive dance moves. Things do get spicy, hot and steamy when it comes to the cultures of these two countries. But all in all, the whole audience started vibrating with Mohammad’s energy that was emitting off him that day. Well performed!

Soul Singing by Joshua

One word…okay, two words… No, make it three instead. Soulful, ethereal and heavenly so that is what Mr. Joshua’s voice was like on February 22, 2020. The magnificent individual stopped time with his soul-piercing voice when he vocalized a song about love and friendship. He reminded us to not let it be inundated with petty scuffles and tribulations. Joshua tore up the place with his melody and poured his heart out with his beautiful voice which reverberated off the walls of the event theater and silenced all. People were watching with utmost reverence and tearful sobs of truth and realization. You will go a long way, Joshua. May your voice be heard up in the heavens.

MGT 2020: The Best One So Far?

I have been attending the METU GOT TALENT at METU NCC since 2017 so many other old dinosaurs like me from that era will agree that this one was by far the most animated with everything from the timing, stage set-up, team coordination and communication to the event synergy was perfect. Well done, Team ISA!

Let us all see what they have in store for us in 2021! Aren’t you already excited? Did you attend this event, if you did, which person did you support?

Let us know your thoughts on the event. Just drop your comments down below. Thanks for reading, METUnians!

Author: Muhammad Tayyab ([email protected])

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