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METU Ankara and METU NCC – a Comparison



A common question that gets on the nerves of METU NCC students would be is METU NCC truly like a METU Ankara. Or, is there really a METU in Northern Cyprus? Well, I will try my best to lower your burden by providing an unbiased analysis.

A brief history of METU NCC

Pardon me for making it clear that it wasn’t Dora’s magic stick that manufactured  METU NCC adjacent to a valley.  METU NCC was established through an invitation delivered to METU by the governments of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in the year 2000.  Moreover, it is the first Turkish origin Univerity settled abroad.

So far, METU NCC had its farewells with 1,600 students, which it would call its pride. NCC students receive their diplomas, which are signed by the METU Rector with their fellow graduates from the Ankara Campus at the METU Graduation Ceremony held in Ankara, Turkey. Consequently, they become a part of the METU alumni among 120,000 other members.

A Bird’s-eye View of METU NCC

The education standards of METU NCC and METU Ankara

For parents and prospective students, the education standard of a university plays a significant role in their preference for that university. Conceivably, the first question that arises in their mind is if METU NCC can offer the education standard that METU Ankara does.

To start with the faculty of NCC, their acceptance criteria for positions are identical to the Ankara Campus. Hence, professors with a similar background are teaching students of the two campuses. Furthermore, there are professors that fly between the two campuses to deliver lectures. To get a glimpse into the typical day in the life of a flying professor, you can watch this video.

Moreover, the academic and administrative affairs are common to both campuses. METU Ankara has approval over all the programs available in NCC.  The students of NCC can take some of the courses on the main campus based on the criteria set by the University’s administration.

Middle East Technical University Main Campus

Culture, art, and sports on the two campuses

METU Ankara and NCC are among the few campuses that provide numerous diverse extracurricular activities to their students. To start with, the sports facilities of the Ankara campus, outdoor pool, three gymnasia, and seven football fields of various sizes are among the countless other places for activities. NCC has a climbing wall, beach volleyball, running track, and a gym to count the few sports facilities available to students.

METU NCC Climbing Wall

Student clubs and societies play a significant role in revitalizing the soul of the campuses. In contrary to the belief that societies are solely for recreation, they also play a crucial role in bridging the gap between social life and academic progress. For example, the IEEE student society, which is active on both campuses, is a worldwide organization that unites professionals. Society of Women Engineers is another society in the NCC campus that empowers women in STEM fields. The Society for Computer Simulation welcomes every graduate who wants to improve themselves or make a change in a technical field. To get a better idea about the societies, I will forward you to this blog.

IEEE Student Society at METU NCC

METU NCC fees and scholarships

What is the value of quality education to parents if they can’t afford it? If they tell you that Harvard accepted your kid while you are struggling to pay your bills, how would you feel? The good news, METU Ankara won’t even make you consider the affordability because it’s a public university. Better news, METU NCC also won’t make you feel that way. For the reason that compared to other private universities, the METU NCC fees are more affordable. The annual tuition fee for an undergraduate international student is 9000 USD. Whereas for TRNC and Turkish nationals, it is 30000 TL. Needless to mention that these fees are prone to change each year.

If you are a parent of a prospective international student reading this and wondering about the difference between the fees, you have the right to feel this way. Your perspective is very understandable. According to my research, the differences in the fees is because domestic students pay taxes, which partly contributes to their college education. In contrast, international students don’t pay that.  

When it comes to scholarships for tuition fees, they range from 25% to 100% of the original fee. In addition to the tuition waiver scholarship, there are several other scholarships, as listed below.

  • Merit Scholarships are eligible to students who have completed the first two semesters of an undergraduate program and are among the top 3% based on their CGPA.
  • Student Assistantship scholarships are qualified to students working in the library, laboratories, IT, dormitories, sports complexes, etc.  Not only academic success but also financial status and disciplinary suitability are the decisive factors in these types of scholarships.
  • Support scholarships are eligible for students in the necessity of temporary financial support.

Differences between the environment of the two campuses

After discussing the education quality, fees and scholarships, and extracurricular activities, comes the ambience of the campuses. Indeed the ambience of an environment significantly affects your progress and experiences there. Let me start with METU Ankara. It is an indisputable fact that more competitive and academically successful students are present in the Ankara campus compared to NCC. This is because of Ankara’s presence in the capital of Turkey, being a public university, and it’s admissions criteria.

Consequently, as a student of the Ankara campus, you get affected by that environment and tend to be more driven. Let me make it clear that I am only generalizing the cases. While the presence of more academically successful students in Ankara does play a role in the learning environment, it eventually all comes down to the drive and passion of individual students and their ability to benefit from the opportunities that are presented to them.

Moreover, take me as an example, when I applied to the Ankara campus, they redirected me to NCC, stating that the NCC was mainly for international students. Consequently, the Northern Cyprus Campus is rich in its diversity. This is also evident from the highly active status of the International Student Association. If you would like to get a better feel of the diversity you can check this blog.

METU NCC Got Talent 2020

Being a student at NCC gives you a chance to experience new cultures. It also helps you become friends with people from diverse backgrounds. Without even being aware of this, the multicultural envırionment you are present in broadens your perspective of the world. You will surely get to experience the advantages of having a broad view-point in your future life during the obstacles you face. In other words, you will have a chance to develop the ability to analyze a problem from different angles. Hence, you will come up with a more effective solution that isn’t visible to most people.

Final words

Evidently, the Ankara campus and NCC are similar to one other in a lot of ways. However, at the same time, they have some different characteristics that make them uniquely beautiful.

To conclude, I was aware of the necessity for a blog that would compare the two campuses, especially for prospective students. Nevertheless, I was also worried if I would be able to be genuinely unbiased while writing it. The feel of necessity overweighted my worry, as you can see. Consequently, I would truly appreciate it if you find a part in the blog that you believe doesn’t exactly reflect the truth and mention it in the comment section.

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