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The International Student Association (ISA) – Bridging Gaps at METU, NCC



International Student Association Metu NCC

Have you ever felt voiceless? Have you ever experienced not having a say in a situation that involves you? Being in a place without the chance to speak when the need arises can be torturos! In METU, the academic inclination is the norm, but what if there’s a vexing issue that isn’t academics related; would you rather have that issue suppress you? Of course not! That’s why the establishment of the International Student Association (ISA) is essential because they help with issues relating to the Internationals.

What’s the International Student Association?

The International Student Association helps bridge the gap between the international and local students at METU. It serves as a medium through which international students can voice out their concerns. In a university where there are international students, the need for such an association can’t be over-emphasized. It should be of some significance to mention that this association or something similar to it isn’t existent in all universities that have international students. Therefore, it takes a great institution to see the significance of this association. From its name, the ISA isn’t just a society but an association with distinctive objectives and goals of its activities and events.

Food Fest Organized by the ISA

Objectives of the ISA

Beyond serving as an intermediary between the international students and other communities on campus, the ISA has other significant goals.

Located in Cyprus, the Turkish culture remains dominant at METU NCC. Understandably, there’s always a gap between people of dissimilar cultures and backgrounds. Although the international and local students organize many activities and events, there is a lack of coordination and cohesiveness between the two communities. This is quite understandable but unwanted.

Event by the ISA

At METU, solidarity between the various communities is a priority, because it creates a conducive learning environment. Therefore, the primary objective of the ISA is to fill in this gap by organizing activities that lead to meaningful interactions between the two communities and gradually add cohesiveness.

Furthermore, not only being unacquainted with local culture is a problem, but being a foreigner can have its own. The use of the Turkish language in meetings (which makes comprehension hard for some international students), favoritism by individual companies when it comes to giving internship opportunities to international students are some prominent examples. The likelihood of these occurrences makes solving these issues another major objective of the ISA.

Activities of the ISA

To get a glimpse of the great events organized by the ISA, check out their vibrant Instagram here:

As mentioned earlier, ISA organizes various activities on a regular basis with the primary aim of filling the gap between the international and local students at METU. Bringing people together is the central role of these activities. In the past few months, a Halloween Party, METU football tournament, The African Continental Night, METU’s GOT Talent, METU Spring Festival were all enacted to further this aim. The turnout was terrific, and everyone highly appreciated them. It’s the fun and lively nature of their events that make them highly anticipated by all. Indeed, the principal purpose of these events i.e., bringing people and communities together, is nicely fulfilled. With all the contributions it makes, ISA remains a prominent association, with its feedback taken seriously.

To conclude, by creating and fostering fun, lively, and meaningful interactions between the various communities on campus, the ISA continues to play an essential and vital role at METU, NCC.

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