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How Worthwhile are the Charity Efforts in METU NCC



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Charity comes in many forms. It could be the most common one, money, but it also stretches to clothes, medicine, or even food.

It is without a doubt that everyone wants to change the world. We all recognize the kinds of Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos as current game-changers, but what about students like you and me? Meanwhile, we study and work hard in college to get a degree. Is something missing? Well, not really. It all depends on your perspective. However, “changing the world” does not necessarily mean changing the looks of everything but adding value to anything. METU NCC doesn’t only offer students an opportunity to add value to society with their degrees. The University is also bent on adding value to the lives of people. By adding value to the lives of people, you are adding value to the world. That is the purest Charity.

Why is Charity prioritized in METU NCC?

We quickly tend to forget that a significant number of children and aged people have Cancer annually. Furthermore, take into consideration the millions of children that suffer due to poverty and orphanage matters. Some statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO) are available here.

For these victims, graduating 4.0 GPA engineers, Economists, and Psychologists is rarely a solution to their problems. METU NCC tries to reach out to these victims and help them as much as possible. The University is determined to add value to the lives of people both through education and Charity.

What are the Charity Efforts in METU NCC?

Subsequently, METU NCC has come up with different ways to reach out to the helpless in need. There have been donations of many items as well as fund-raising events. Some notable efforts by METU NCC include;

The Charity Marathon.

The International Students Association of METU NCC, in partnership with the METU Bible club, organized a 5km run around campus. You might be wondering, what exactly were they trying to achieve with this nerve-racking disturbance? I am not the athletic type, and as little as a 2km run will wear me out. Things became worse when we had to pay 10 Turkish Lira (1.3 USD) to participate. But why would we have to pay for something that is not fun? Why not get yourself a Hot and Fresh Burger instead? I also felt that way until I found out that it was a charity event. Every penny gathered from the Marathon funded the SOS Children’s Charity Organization.

Even if you don’t want to run, it’s worthwhile to sacrifice that 5 minutes burger pleasure to create a smile on an orphan’s face. I ran that race with the mindset that each step I took could mark a measure of progress in someone’s life. By the way, have you heard about the ISA? Learn more about them here

Poster from the Charity Marathon
Poster from the Charity Marathon

Recycling for Tulips.

You can show Love and support in different ways. Likewise, basic human needs come in various forms. To some people, your money might not be the only solution to their problems. The Tulips/Help Those With Cancer Association founded a fantastic recycling initiative with bins all around Cyprus, including METU NCC. More information regarding what this initiative is can be found here.

So, next time you feel like disposing of that undersized cloth or shoes, remember someone will be grateful to have it. The bin is easily accessible by everyone on-campus, and it is large enough to accommodate all of your donations. Donate something today.

Charity Night.

The Community Volunteers Club of METU NCC organized a forum to benefit the “Kemal Saraçoğlu Leukemia Children Foundation.” Thousands of children suffer Leukemia annually, and METU NCC cannot act ignorant in this. On that night, students and staff voluntarily gathered to add value to these suffering children. There were many donations and various expressions of Love. 

These are some efforts from METU NCC to reach out to those in need. There have been other individual efforts from students and staff. Likewise, you can also give privately without a public gathering. 

Poster used for invitation to the Charity Night organized by the Community Volunteers Club.
Charity Night Event Poster

What were the results of these Efforts?

Do you think all these sacrifices were needful? Was the Love and support from the METU NCC family worth the while? Yes, all Charity efforts are worth the time, including those from the METU NCC family. Around 3000 Turkish Lira (390 USD) was handed to the SOS Children’s Charity Organization from the Charity Marathon run. However, not everyone who paid for the race participated in it. Some people gave out of gratitude and love—commendable attributes from METU NCC students.

Donating creates joy. This joyful feeling comes up with the knowledge that you can provide something to help someone. Equally, the donee is full of happiness and appreciation. Each time I put an item into the Recycling for Tulip’s bin, I try to think of the person who gets to own that item. For years, METU NCC has been actively making donations to Charity. Try to think of how many children have been able to receive shelter due to your immense generosity. Develop the mindset that each second and each penny you spent did not go to waste. Nothing given for the sake of Charity is a waste.

Summing up

Overall, the importance of Charity cannot be over-emphasized. We have heard the tales of great world influencers like Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates. We know how they donate billions of dollars for the sake of Charity. I am a scholarship student, and I certainly do not have a million Turkish Lira to give. Nevertheless, I have something to offer. Students need to know that adding value to a person’s life does not entirely depend on their pocket’s weights. Sometimes, showing love, care, and support is all that might be needed to help someone. Do not forget that many have benefited and are still benefiting from your generosity. Make a change today; don’t stop giving to Charity.

Some of the runners after the charity  marathon with big smiles
Some of the runners after the marathon with big smiles

In the comment section, let us know which Charity activity you think needs improvement or which activity could have a great impact if carried out by METU NCC.

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