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How do you register for courses at METU, NCC?



Online learning at METU, NCC

I remember my first semester at METU NCC. I didn’t know how I would find the time table for the courses which I needed to take and how to register for them. It was quite stressful.

I wanted to ask some old students, but seeing that everyone was busy making their own schedules, I didn’t want to bother anyone.

That’s why I decided to write this article after figuring things our for myself. You are in luck freshmen!

How can I know which courses I need to take in my first semester?

Easy! You can type your department name alongwith the words “METU, NCC curriculum” into Google and you will see that the first link will take you to the official website for your department curriculum and you will be able see the courses you need to take for each semester. So, for example, typing ‘mechanical engineering METU, NCC curriculum’, takes you this result page.

METU, NCC google search results
Google Search Results for mechanical engineering METU, NCC curriculum

Just click on the first link and you will find you department curriculum!

Curriculum Page for Mechanical Engineering, METU, NCC
Curriculum Page for Mechanical Engineering, METU, NCC

From where I can find the time table for my courses?

METU, NCC has made our life very easy. You can open, where you will find the course schedule and relevant details for the courses you are looking for.

Just write the code for your courses you found on the department curriculum page and add the sections that suit your schedule to the timetable.

The name, code and the instructor name for each course

How can I register my courses?

You will need to use your METU email address for this.

Before the first day of course registrations, you will get an e-mail send from the METU, NCC Registrar’s Office, providing you with the details of the registration period for the semester.

You will need to use the following link,, to register for your courses.

The link usually opens at 9:00 AM on campus. and the course registration period lasts for around 3-5 days.

What should I do after registering for my courses?

The next step is to find your advisor, to get an approval from them.

You can find your assigned advisor from in the semester details section.

Just go to the academic buildings and find the office of your advisor.

And, that’s it! You are all registered. See, that was pretty simple.

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