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Getting Your Residency For Northern Cyprus



One of the first mistakes freshmen does when coming to METU is ignoring to complete their residency application. Not completing your residency application has serious consequences and is fined heavily by the Cyprus authorities.

A lot of first-year students make the mistake of ignoring their residency application, partly because they are overwhelmed with all the new things. Not completing your residency application has severe consequences and is fined heavily by the authorities.

When you enter Nothern Cyprus for the first time, passport control gives you a maximum of 90 days to stay on the island. This period allows you to sort out your residency. That’s why international students need to get their residency as soon as possible, and it’s also important not to leave Cyprus without your residency for apparent reasons.

New online residency application

As of 2019, the residency application is now online and can be completed from any computer with access to the internet. The website is

Student Permission Portal

The new online portal has made the procedure convenient and easy to follow. For a bit more clarification, let me guide you through the process. 

1. Get your username and password

After you click on the link, you are directed to the ‘TRNC Student Permission System’ where you are asked for a username and password, which you get from the Registrar’s Office.

Student permission portal

2. Complete your data

To proceed with your application, ensure that the data in the university’s system is complete and up-to-date. For example, your parent’s names and where you were born are essential, so make sure they are correct. Last year some students couldn’t proceed with the application because they forgot to update their parent’s names and their passport numbers. I highly recommend that you log in to your student portal and fill all the information required. You can enter the information at

At this point, you must have completed 20% of your application.


3. Blood test

The next mission on your application at this point must be to get your blood tested. You have to choose ”I don’t have a valid health report” from the website if you are doing this for the first time.

You can visit a state hospital in Guzelyurt to test your blood. The website assigns you to a state hospital and gives you the location of the hospital. You can get to Guzelyurt using the University bus. If you would like to know the bus schedule, I advise you to check this article. Don’t worry about the blood test, they take a blood sample from you, and the result comes back within a week or two. 

4. Tax office

Now, have to pay your taxes (sadly, they are everywhere). You can make the payment online with your card via the online system, and the application will reach the tax office department. Once the payment is confirmed, you move on to the final step!

5. Immigration office

You don’t have to do anything at this step. The application reaches the immigration office through the online portal. All you can do is wait for them to confirm it, and that’s it!

You have completed your application, well done! Now you can leave Cyprus and come back within the duration of the residency!

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