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METU NCC Cafeteria – Indulge Your Appetite



metu ncc cafeteria

That awkward-amazing feeling of hunger lashed with the thought that your hungry self needs to quench that hunger with an excellent variety of cuisines from one which I call the best – METU NCC’s cafeteria. I’m a student of METU NCC with a great sense of pride in her assets, most especially the cafeteria. This is because my eating experiences have surprised me in ways that I truly never expected from a SCHOOL’S cafeteria. Everyone who goes there becomes awed because of certain exceptional reasons. These include the awesome food services, well-designed interiors that play good roles in beautification and arousing joy in one’s soul; and most importantly, the wonderful tastes you get from its different dynamic dishes. This is particularly what I call a “satisfaction haven!”

Of course, these views I share aren’t just mine alone, but a synergy of contributions from colleagues, professors in the school, non-teaching staff, and a host of others. Describing this “satisfaction haven,” it’s crucial to mention that, although the cafeteria’s awesome, some people love it, while some don’t. However, this isn’t surprising, as it’s not far from personal reasons.

Cafeteria’s Cooks and Meal Schedules

Because METU NCC has students from over 80 countries all over the world, the meal schedules comprise of so many intercontinental dishes. These schedules may not be familiar to some people, but very delicious as expected. As a result, students try new dishes and get to possess intercultural bonds, because food is a cultural element. Also, METU NCC’s cafeteria has well-trained cooks responsible for the uniquely delicious meals you can only find on the campus. These cooks also come from different parts of the world to balance the dynamism in dishes, owing to the contribution of the intercontinental student-population. They are legitimately devoted to ensuring that maximum satisfaction of the students’ needs is met through their flawless cooking techniques, irrespective of the students’ food preferences.

METU NCC Cafeteria’s Impacts On Student Life

The school’s cafeteria is important in that it is a fundamental and integral part of a student’s life. It creates an environment for conscious and unconscious social interactions amongst students. It is a place where the determination of popularity is noted within the students’ cycle, friends are made, lads and styles are conceived, and the trending happenings are broadcast. The school’s cafeteria is a place away from the everyday norms of studying, research, assignments and what have you. It is a place where formality is extinct, allowing you to cool off, spending time with friends and colleagues. I mean, what could be better than the joy which comes from eating with friends?

The joy got from hanging out with friends in the comfort of METU NCC’s cafeteria

Concluding, METU NCC cafeteria doesn’t just meet the needs of hunger but truly impacts the lives of every student. It is a place where the student culture is revitalized and new non-academic things are learned; it is a place where culture is instated and passed on over meals on the dining table with friends and colleagues. METU NCC cafeteria is truly a satisfaction haven!

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