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Everything you need to know about societies at METU



societies at Middle east technical university, northern cyprus campus.

The first thing that comes to mind after getting accepted by your dream university in your desired college is “what extracurricular activities will I be able to join alongside my studies?” There is no need to worry because there are many creative societies at METU, NCC. The societies at METU helps first-year students be active on campus and explore different hobbies and activities alongside other students. They also help students get accustomed to various areas around campus. Also, they provide an excellent opportunity for first-year students to expand their social circle and make new friends.

Why should you join societies while at university?

When I first joined METU, NCC, and started with the semester, I got bored at times, so I joined the astronomy society. I love astronomy and wanted to meet with other enthusiasts in the same field. Looking back now, it was a great decision, honestly. The astronomy society was new, and it had a few members, but we did a lot of events that semester. We went stargazing at some point outside the campus and even moon gazing at another. We also researched upcoming astronomical events and planned events accordingly. Last semester, we had an astronaut from the Ankara campus come and lecture at our campus. It was an enlightening and fun experience. That’s why there is more than what appears about societies, and I highly recommend new students to join one.

What are the different societies on campus?

 As I mentioned, there are LOTS of societies at our campus and many activists for all different personalities. Some of these societies even give out certificates for participation. 

So you might be wondering what societies I can join then? There is a Kitchen Society if you would like to learn how to cook healthy meals for yourself.

 There is also the International Student Association (ISA); if you are an extrovert and happen to love leadership roles and help organize major events on campus such as the Food Fest, Halloween Night, or Spring Fest, then this is the society for you. However, the demand to join is huge, and entry is based on an interview but don’t worry, the members are all very friendly and welcoming.

Moreover, there is the Problem-Solving Society (PSS), and it’s currently the most active and creative society running on campus right now. They organize huge puzzle-like games and invite students to come and solve the puzzles in teams. The winning team wins a unique present. 

 The short take here is that there are a variety of societies, up to 82 of them running on campus, and every society has a different role, purpose, and events it organizes.

College will surprise you in a variety of ways. It is an exciting time where you will learn so much about the world, other individuals, and most importantly, yourself.

How Can I Join a Society?

 If you are interested in joining, I advise you to keep an eye out for different recruitment posters around campus or the University’s Facebook group.

 If you would like to know what other societies are running on campus and their contact information, please click on the link below:

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