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Dormitory Facilities and Social Life in Dormitories: Our Second Home



Dorm at METU, NCC

More of an adaptation process…

It is not a rare situation at all to look around and see international students on the campus. Maybe among the first things that come to mind when seeing international students is their adaptation to the new environment.  I would be biased only to mention the adaptation of international students because the Turkish students also face adaptation difficulties. This is a reasonable case because we, as students, leave everything back and try to adjust to the new environment. When I mentioned what we leave behind, I did not mean the physical but the strong ties with our families. I mean, we even miss the chit-chatting we had with our siblings before sleep.  So what is it that helps us overcome the fear of the adjustment?

(Students cooking and having an enjoyable time at dorm 2 kitchen)

Study room and kitchens in the dorms

During my first days on the campus, when the instructors were using the word “homework”, it was heartbreaking for me. However, after a blink of an eye, the term home was subconsciously replaced by the phrase ‘dorm’.  It made us feel just like we were actually at home. The reason behind this is that we were facing a friendly and homely atmosphere in our dorms.  We had both emotional and corporeal support.

To start with the facilities that they provided in the dormitories, we have study rooms in our dorms. This is very helpful because we sometimes get bored in our rooms so going to the study rooms reenergizes us. Moreover, not only the fact that study rooms are tranquil but also their design is very suitable for studying. For instance, one may think that going to the study rooms in winter would not be a good idea. We would never want to get sick when we are away from home. However, the temperature in the study rooms is always in the optimum range for boosting our concentration while studying. In contrast to our expectations of crowded and dirty kitchens, there are kitchens on every floor that prevents it from getting crowded. From the hygiene perspective, the cleaning personnel cleans every day regularly.

(Dorm 2 private rooms)
(Study area in dorm 1 rooms)

Social life at the METU, NCC dorms

When it comes to social life in dormitories, there are plenty of places to be able to socialize easily. I believe that there are students out there feeling like I did. One of my biggest concerns with starting college was the fear of not being able to socialize. It may sound extreme, but I was the type of high school student who had only one friend. Alright, do not feel sorry for me because of my high school years, which may sound boring. Luckily, life smiled at my face during my college experience.                                                              

Fortunately, I found myself among around ten friends who genuinely care about me and love me.  So was it I who changed or the environment? I do not want to underestimate my improvement. However, without the friendly atmosphere in our lobbies, it would be the same me.  If you have similar concerns, do not let it be an obstacle in your path of making long-lasting life friends.  The lobbies are mostly if not always full of life;  you can see students chatting, watching a movie, and studying. Once I remember, I was feeling homesick and did not know how to forget about it. My friends called me to the lobby, and in an instant, my mood was shifted entirely from homesickness to joyfulness.

(A friendly environment at dorm 1 lobby)

Emotional support from the dorm personnel

I can not complete my essay without mentioning about the dorm managers, the chefs in the dorm cafeterias, and the cleaning personnel. To start with the dorm managers, unfortunately, the word manager always sounds very formal and strick. In contrast to the manager picture that we have subconsciously created in our minds, our dorm managers try to solve every small problem that we face concerning our dorms with a very welcoming and parental attitude. Concerning what I will say next, I wonder whether my mom will be reading this or not. I do not think she will feel jealous, but she will feel comfortable that her daughter is in good hands. We are in a multi-cultural university where every nation has its taste differently. However, our chefs still manage to cook food that matches with most of the food cultures.

Finally, and most importantly, our cleaning personnel gives us the warmth a child needs from their parents. Every morning they come to our rooms and check on us if everything is going well. We always hear doctors recommend cancer patient’s families to give them emotional support. So yes, our cleaning personnel are a significant source that helps us stay emotionally healthy through their warm care.

(Students studying cooperatively at dorm 3 lobby)

Seeking new experiences…

In closing, I would like to show my gratitude to everyone who made us feel like we were at home. Moreover, I would like my voice to reach parents who are worried about letting their children study abroad. The reason may be the fear of not being able to raise their children according to their moral values. I believe that parents have already raised their children until a specific age where they would need their parent’s support. However, it is time for them to expand their horizons and push their limits to turn into their best versions. This can only be succeeded by seeking new experiences. I would like to hear about your concerns/comments, both as parents and prospective students. I will try my best to answer them through the comment section.

Furthermore, feel free to check our blog. The writers are the students themselves so that they can provide you with detailed information as primary sources (

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