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CNG 100 Proficiency Exam at METU NCC



Computer Labs at METU, Northern Cyprus Campus

Freshmen at METU NCC, have to pass the CNG 100 proficiency exam as a requirement for graduation.

After giving the English proficiency exam, you will have to attend the CNG 100 exam and obtain a passing score in order to be exempted from taking the CNG 100 course.

What is CNG 100 exam?

The CNG 100 proficiency exam tests you in the basics computers e.g. programs like Mircosoft office and other simple commands.

What should I do to attend the exam?

You have to register for the exam before attending it. Basically, you need to follow your METUmail, waiting for an email from the Registrar’s Office informing you about the CNG 100 exam and its details.

The IT Building and Registrar’s Office at METU, NCC

After you register for the exam you will find out that the exam will be in the IT building and it will conducted on a computer.

What happens once I give the exam?

Firstly, if you pass the CNG 100 exam, you will find an S (for Satisfactory) written in your transcript. This means you have cleared the exam. You can add your courses for the semester without having to take the CNG 100 course.

However, if you don’t pass the course, you will find U (for Unsatisfactory ), which means you will need to add the CNG 100 course along with your other courses for the semester. The other option is to wait for the exam to take place again and give it once again. In this case, you won’t need to take the CNG 100 course.

From where can I study for the exam?

There is nothing to worry about if you are familiar with the basics of using computers. The exam will simply assess your level of familiarity by testing your knowledge of simple programs like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

During your courses, you will be writing reports, giving presentations and making tables and conducting analysis with excel. Therfore, it is important that you pass the exam because you will be using these programs throughout your time as a student at METU, NCC and beyond.

After the COVID-19, lots of things have changed at METU, NCC. Find out about the online learning that is now taking place as a response to the pandemic.

P.S. Don’t sweat it! It is a fairly easy exam. You will be just fine. Good luck!

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