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Becoming a multilingual at METU NCC



Two METUans from different ethnicities interacting with each other. Being multilingual goes a long way in enabling this.
Two METUans interacting on campus thanks to both being able to speak the same language aside from their mother tongues.

Multilingual people are individuals who can communicate in two or more languages. METU NCC provides all its residents with a recipe for becoming a multilingual person.

Sourced from:


1. Yourself (Preferably from a region where English and Turkish are not the common languages. If this is not possible, then solutions are provided at the end of the recipe.)

2. The METU NCC environment 


Place yourself in the METU NCC environment to achieve perfection in English with courses and English prep school.

Constant communication with family back home is required to keep in touch with the mother language.

Join the Turkish course with a pinch of self-interest and dedication.

Picture of a worksheet used in one of the language courses offered at METU NCC.
One of the worksheets used in Turkish classes.

A multilingual person has been prepared and is ready for shipment to the required destination.

If you could not find the preferred ingredient or want to become a higher quality multilingual, METU NCC has got you covered.

Courses available

METU NCC provides Spanish, French, and German courses as non-technical electives, so students from any department can take these courses. And, to make it easier, you learn the languages from the basics. No prior experience needed but of course if you have any then you can progress faster.


A student in her class of fall 2020 semester says :

“The teacher’s name is Şeray. She is the most amusing teacher I have ever seen. I like her teaching system. I have experience in learning different languages, and she breaks language learning depression, which is the biggest problem of new language learners. She uploads word documents and presentations, which are very useful to visualize the things we learned. We do Kahoot a lot! I enjoy playing Kahoot to learn different things, memorizing words, etc. In addition to this, she gives us homework that is related to our lives. I realized that time flies quickly during her class.”

Another student provides their insight:

“The teacher is very nice. She studied in France, so she has personal experience with the language. Even in the new online semester, she found ways to make things fun and interesting by guessing games on the Kahoot website. Her classes are very interactive. She provides different worksheets weekly. The classes are held in French, but everything is explained in English. Every student participates in class. The teacher is fun. Two classes (two hours each) are held each week. After taking the three French courses (FRN 201, FRN 202, and FRN 203), a student learns equivalent to A1, A2, and B1 courses provided elsewhere.”

Another example of a worksheet used in another language course this time a French class.
A worksheet used in class


A student says:

“Her name is Zeynep Beril Turgut. She’s one of my best instructors. Her course is the only course I’ve never missed a class. Her teaching technique is very different from other lecturers. First of all, she makes you feel comfortable. Most times, she sees herself as a student and not the teacher. Her classes are 100% interactive. Only by attending classes you can secure an AA in her course. The resources she uses are YouTube videos, movies, books, music, jokes, etc. She tries her best to speak Spanish in class most times, but of course, if no one understands, she translates. All in all, she has a good heart, she’s welcoming and loved by everyone. At first, I couldn’t register for the course because the capacity was full, but she realized how passionate I was, and she made it possible for me to register.”


A student reminiscence about their classes:

“Our teacher is Mehmet Ünlüsoy. We used a book called Neu Berliner Platz for all three courses. He teaches in a classic style, like just following the textbook and giving some further information about grammar. Our teacher lived in Germany for a long time and married a German woman. That is why he knows German culture, and he shared many things he knows. Also at Christmas time he organized a party and made some spicy tea and cake. Also, there were some Christmas gifts for everyone.”

Free membership of Rosetta Stone

Alongside the language courses offered, METU NCC offers free membership for Rosetta Stone on every computer in their library. Rosetta Stone is one of the best language learning websites. It is an expensive language learning website that has subscriptions for three months ($35.97), one year ($170), two years ($249), and a lifetime ($299). It is an excellent website for anyone who wants to learn a language thoroughly. Rosetta Stone teaches 22 different languages. It provides a wide range of vocabulary in any language.

Rosetta Stone provides a very immersive language learning experience and mostly uses the target language, so it is a great tool to perfect a language already started.

A screenshot of Rosetta Stone which is a website that aids in helping people become multilingual.
A screenshot of Rosetta Stone website showing how it looks.

University community

In conclusion, the community at METU NCC is the definition of diversity. Wherever you look, you will find students from different ethnicities mingling together. All these different individuals bring with them their heritage in the form of their languages. Just to name some which I personally heard are: Turkish, English, Russian, Arabic (in a variety of dialects), Urdu, Kurdish, Pashto, Azerbaijani, Swahili, Punjabi, and Persian. If you have ever checked any language learning apps or sources, you will know that lessons to most of these languages are very rare, so experiences like these are very valuable. And it’s important to realize that language needs practice as well so, as you learn you can find friends and practice speaking the language you’re learning.

If this article has made you want to become multilingual, keep watch for a future posting on learning new languages that will give you some more insight.

And, for an insight to African life on campus, follow this link.

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