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Assistantships at METU, NCC



METU NCC assistantships

If you are a graduate student (master’s student ) at METU, NCC and you need a job at the university, you can apply for various assistantships, including teacher and research assistantships.

METU, NCC also offers student assistantships at various places like the library, labs, IT department, sports complex, etc. to undergrad students which you can read about HERE.

What is a research assistant?

On campus you will have the opportunity to dive in to research with skilled professors and if you contribute to the research your name will appear on the publications along with the professors you researched with (not bad, huh?).

What is teaching assistant?

Teacher assistants are appointed for certain courses and their jobs range from conducting recitations for students, taking quizzes, and grading homework. For certain courses you will also work at the labs with students.

What is the benefit of being an assistant?

These positions provide different opportunities to students while at METU, NCC. Some assistantships (for masters only) will let you study free of cost and maybe even provide a monthly salary!

Note: Salaries and benefits vary according to the nature of the assistantships and the time required for them.

How can I apply for assistantships?

There are different requirements for applying for different assistantships. For some, it might be as simple as contacting different professors and telling them about your interest in working with them. Other assistantships have more requirements, such as:

  • You should have a minimum graduation CGPA of 2.50/4.00
  • To be proficient in English.

For other positions priority may be given to,

  • graduates from the program (Master or Ph.D.) of METU NCC, Ankara and Erdemli campuses.
  • graduates from the same department or related field you will be working in.

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