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Art on the METU Northern Cyprus Campus



Some of the sculptures of art modeled and placed in the library
Some of the sculptures made by art students on the campus.

I have had the opportunity to study at METU NCC for a while, and one thing I can say is, “METU loves to spice things up.” No surprise as to why our campus is a stunning one. You see, taking a walk around our campus and beholding what you see is quite similar to spending time in an Art Gallery. For example, picture METU NCC as an essential Museum. One where you’re not glancing at Historic Artifacts but at creative works that keep on speaking.

One of the art pieces installed on the campus next to the Registrar's Office.

Let us have a look at these art pieces. Some of these Artworks are very famous on campus, and you would have come across them daily.

Symbolic Art

The symbol of Diversity: You can easily find this very close to the 2nd Dormitory at the bus park. METU NCC is a diverse university with lots of students around the globe. Nevertheless, there is always something to remind us how powerful we can be when we unite as one. This Artwork reminds us of the need to maintain Unity in Diversity.

An art piece of ropes intertwined together signifying that METU NCC is a diverse university.

Tree of Science: If you aren’t a new student, then you are familiar with this symbol. It is a clear depiction of Science in ODTÜ. It symbolizes METU’s progress in Science. This sculpture sits in the middle of our campus beside the Culture and Convention Center in METU NCC.

Image of the Tree of Science that is installed in the middle of campus.

Remarkable Statues

The statue of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk: Right at the top of the Segafredo cafe stands the most famous sculpture in METU NCC. Atatürk, the founder and first president of Turkey, is still recognized and honored among METU NCC students. It is not uncommon to find students gathered here during the commemoration and other national holidays.

The Forever thinking Statue: I can assure you that each student once thought this was a real person when seeing this for the first time. I also fell in this category. The edges and details of this sculpture are enough to keep you thinking for a while.

Image of The Forever Thinking Statue art piece that catches lots of students off guard the first time.

The Rainbow statues: You can come across this pleasant art-piece right outside METU NCC Library. There are two figures, a male and a female, standing on opposite sides with colors of a rainbow.

Magnificent Library Art

METU NCC boasts of a state-of-the-art library thanks to the beauty of each art piece exhibited here. When you pay a visit to the Library, you should check out;

Canned Soda: Imagine a situation where we can gather all canned soda refuse that lay waste in our environment and transform them into the most delightful sight. The color blending of each soda can is the most beautiful thing in METU NCC.

The Library Sculptures:  Several unique Sculptures made by some students in the Art societies are visible in the Library. 

Library sculptures made by some of the students from the Art Societies and Department

Library Paintings: It is quite common to find lots of paintings hung on the library walls. Each of these paintings has a significant meaning attached to it. Therefore, it would be best if you try to understand rather than having a glance.

I recommend visiting the library not just to borrow a book but to tour these beautiful creative masterpieces. You can get more information on METU NCC Library from this link.

A taste of Murals; Street Art & Grafitti

One thing that never dies is my urge to take pictures around the beautiful street Art in METU NCC. No matter how many times I pass the 1st Dormitory, I never stop staring at this beauty. I must give a big shoutout to Mr. Hure for making the streets of METU NCC an attractive one with his street painting. Click here to view his Murals.

Summing up…

On the whole, I would like to know in the comments; Which Art piece are you most excited to see? Which Art piece got you flabbergasted? Or are you still contemplating taking a tour around our campus? What are you waiting for? View our campus art, and you won’t regret it.

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