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Animals at METU NCC and How they are Taken Care of



One of the students on campus petting one of the campus cats.
One of the METUans taking some time out to pet one of the cats on the campus.

Humans and domesticated animals always have had a special kind of connection with each other. Even without being able to communicate with each other, both parties seem to know what the other needs at a given moment and care for each other. Like any other harmonious community, METU NCC also has many animals on campus.

What happens at METU NCC

At METU NCC, there are many cats and dogs on campus. These animals are like pets to all METUans. They roam freely throughout the campus. The cats love to roam around the dormitories while the dogs are mostly seen sleeping in the sun. Interaction with them is a daily thing while living on campus. Every person has their own way of interacting with them and the animals are aware of that and respect it in their own way. I have a friend who is afraid of dogs and when I am with her I feel like the dogs understand and do not come too close.

Even if you do not live on campus, the METU NCC pets are still a part of your life. These dogs and cats study with the students and teach with the professors. They often come into the classrooms to give company and ensure you’re attending your classes. But hey pay attention to the professor, not the dog 😉

One of the dogs on it’s occasional inspections around the campus

Positive effects of having animals at METU NCC

These animals are part of the METUan family as they never let you feel lonely, especially the freshmen who are trying to get used to their new environment. They are one of the first friends one makes on campus. 

Around the exams, these same companions keep your stress level down. How do they do this? I can not explain, but it has been proven through countless research.

Seeing the wiggling tail of these jolly beings after a tiring day of classes takes away the tiredness. Being with them even for a moment, would be a moment of peace where there is no worry about assignments, exams and deadlines. The effects are similar to taking a deep breath and letting go of the worries.

A picture of two dogs at METU NCC.

They also bring joy where ever they go. The internet is proof of how comical animals can be with its wide range of videos and images. And, it is made ten times better when humans are involved in these comical moments, for both the participants and the viewers.

One of the animals, a cat, at METU NCC tugging onto a student's jacket zipper.
A cat playing with a zipper of a student’s jacket

Fun activities you can do with them

The dogs have a kennel near KALTEV. Individuals can take part in taking them on strolls around and beyond the campus. They can even volunteer to feed them daily. As KALTEV is near the end of the campus, the walk to and fro is good exercise. For information about where to find these posts, check Imece. And, if you don’t know what Imece is, this blog should help you out 🙂

A screenshot of a Facebook post letting students know that some of the dogs at METU NCC are looking for some guides as they take them for a walk.
A post shared on Facebook


METUans have dedicated a society, called animal welfare society, to look out for the well-being of these animals. In this society, individuals volunteer to take care of the animals by helping them with treatment, feeding them food, taking them on walks, and even sometimes adopting these animals. They also hold activities regarding spreading awareness about how to be better with animals and the problems they might face.

For more details, you can check their Instagram page. And if you pass a dog or a cat today while on campus, pet it and say Hi from me!

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