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Accommodation at METU NCC



Accommodation at METU NCC

Freshman. Are you excited to hear this word? I remember the time I was in your age, so excited to start my university life. A lot of questions were in my mind before I came to the campus. One of them was where I would spend my next four years and what type of accommodation at METU NCC should I choose. Dorms or a house outside the campus?

Choosing the best accommodation at METU NCC is not hard and I want to help you make your decision by giving you a summary from my few years here. Let’s start talking about dormitories (or your options for accommodation on campus) at the METU NCC.

1) Dorm 1 Accommodation

You can choose from here: Quad room (4 people) or Double room (2 people)

This dorm has WC and bathroom inside the room with your study desk. You can cook in the shared kitchen on your floor.

The price of this dorm for one year is 1,890.00 USD for the four-person room and 3,307.50 USD for the two-person one.

Dorm 1 at METU NCC

2) Dorm 2 Accommodation

It’s the private dorm on the campus. If you want to live in a suite for 3 people and have your own bedroom with shared kitchen WC and bathroom for each suite so this is your best choice.

The room in this suite will cost you 3,622.50 USD, yearly.

Dorm 2 at METU NCC

3) Dorm 3 Accommodation

In this dorm, you can find also a quad room and a double room. Additionally, the washrooms and the kitchen is shared for every floor.

Dorm 3 at METU NCC

The four-person room in dorm 3 is separated into two bedrooms, in other words, every two students share a bedroom

The quad room costs 1,785.00 USD per year. And, if you choose the double room, it will cost 2,835.00 USD per annum.

4) Accommodation in the Fourth Dorm – EBI

The room in this dorm designed as a suite with a kitchen and washroom with each room. Each room has two bedrooms, with two students sharing a bedroom.

The cost for this dorm is 2,400 USD, yearly.

All of the dorms on campus have an AC, heater, hot water, security, and internet included within the charges.

Off Campus Accommodation.

However, if you chose to rent a house outside the campus alone or with your friends, you can try to find a house in a village near METU NCC.

There is a village called Kalkanlı which is at a ten-minutes walking-distance from the campus. If you don’t like to live in a village and you want to go to the city near the campus, you can look for a house in Guzelyurt.

Guzelyurt is a city that you can reach with the school bus. It’s about seven kilometers away from the campus. In other words, a 20-minute ride.

Bus stop at Middle East Technical University, Northern Cyprus Campus

The rent for the houses varies depending on the size, location, and condition. Furthermore, the landlord does not usually provide internet, hot water, heater, and AC, etc. In other words, you will have to pay for the water, electricity, and the internet you use. So, you will have to keep that in mind when renting a place off-campus.

In my opinion, since it will be your first year in a new country, choose a dorm on the campus since everything will be provided for you in the dorm.

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